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A Look at the Invited Athlete List for the 2020 Winter Dew Tour

With the preliminary invitations sent out this 7 days, this year’s Winter Dew Tour is set to host over one hundred athletes at Copper Mountain. Previous Dew Tour rivals which include Stale Sandbech, Anna Gasser, Alexander Ferreira, and Kelly Sildaru will be between the initially to receive their invitations, as effectively as a good deal of other folks who have manufactured waves in the contest circuit past time. The Dew Tour’s really expected new spot is speedily shaping up to be a progressive opposition house for the skiers and riders, not to mention the key viewing spots and activations that will be available for spectators.

This year’s slopestyle opposition will have invited riders sessioning a few jumps and 4 rails for a full of seven hits in a single top-to-base operate. The slopestyle qualifier for men’s ski and snowboard will attribute sixteen riders and will be presented two operates with their top operate will be judged on all round impression. The men’s last will get the top 9 from the qualifier and include things like the winner from the 2018 Winter Dew Tour. The women’s ski and snowboard slopestyle go straight into a last with a industry dimension of eight rivals. Equally the men’s and women’s slopestyle finals will be judged on their finest operate out of a few.

Transferring on over to pipe, riders will be confronted with tackling the modified superpipe program. 10 adult males and eight women in ski and snowboard disciplines will head straight into a last and will be judged on their finest a person operate out of a few.

winter dew tour
Younger Estonian Kelly Sildaru has turn into a top ski slopestyle contender around the globe and staple title at Dew Tour. Image: Courtesy of Jamie Walter/Dew Tour

Dew Tour’s a person-of-a-sort Workforce Challenge opposition invitations a few of the top ski and snowboard brands to create a team consisting of a person male and a person female for slopestyle, modified superpipe, and streetstyle disciplines, for a full of six riders for each team. Each part will be a finest of two operate structure where athletes will be judged primarily based on all round impression. The finest of two operate scores from each male and female athlete in each part counts. These two scores are then merged for a full team part score. Scores from all a few sections are then totaled up for a person all round score, generating the maximum-scoring team the winner.

The beneath checklist of drafted athletes is just the initially spherical of invite waves and will be up-to-date commonly as athletes affirm. Look at back again commonly and be positive to follow us on Fb, Instagram, Twitter, and in this article at DewTour.com for a lot more athlete updates.

Dew Tour is coming to Copper Mountain February 6–9, 2020. Do not pass up it!

winter dew tour
Maddie Mastro is able of a double crippler. Will we see the inverted double at Dew Tour? Obtain out at Copper Feb. 6 Image: Courtesy of Andrew Durso/Dew Tour

Males and Women of all ages Snowboard

Males Snowboard Slopestyle:

Mark McMorris (Verified)
Crimson Gerard (Verified)
Max Parrot (Verified)
Rene Rinnekangas (Verified)
Chris Corning (Verified)
Mons Roisland (Verified)
Sven Thorgren (Verified)
Darcy Sharpe (Verified)
Yuki Kadono (Verified)
Takeru Otsuka (Verified)
Stale Sandbech (Verified)
Marcus Kleveland (Verified)
Lyon Farrell (Verified)
Luke Winklemann (Verified)
Judd Henkes (Verified)
Mikey Ciccarelli (Verified)
Fridtjof Tischendorf (Verified)
Kyle Mack (Verified)

Women of all ages Snowboard Slopestyle:

Julia Marino (Verified)
Hailey Langland (Verified)
Zoi Sadowski-Synnott (Verified)
Enni Rukajarvi (Verified)
Anna Gasser (Verified)
Jamie Anderson (Verified)
Miyabi Onitsuka (Verified)
Silje Norendal (Verified)

winter dew tour
Mountain Dew snowboarder Julia Marino a short while ago won bronze at the 2019 X-Games in Norway. Preserve your eyes peeled on a lot more to appear from Julia. Image: Courtesy of Andrew Durso/Dew Tour

Males Snowboard Modified Superpipe:

Toby Miller (Verified)
Chase Josey (Verified)
Jake Pates (Verified)
Scotty James (Verified)
Danny Davis (Verified)
Taylor Gold (Verified)
Louie Vito (Verified)
Pat Burgener (Verified)
Yuto Totsuka (Verified)
Jan Scherrer (Verified)

Women of all ages Snowboard Modified Superpipe:

Maddie Mastro (Verified)
Jiayu Liu (Verified)
Queralt Castellet (Verified)
Haruna Matsumoto (Verified)
Kurumi Imai (Verified)
Brooke D’Hondt (Verified)
Jamie Anderson (Verified)
Zoe Kalapos (Verified)

winter dew tour
Crimson Gerard has unfold his wings given that his gold medal at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. Image: Courtsy of Bryce Kanights/Dew Tour

Males Snowboard Streetstyle:

Jesse Paul (Verified)
Nate Haust (Verified)
Ozzy Henning (Verified)
Darcy Sharpe (Verified)
Dylan Alito (Verified)
Brandon Davis (Verified)
Drayden Gardner (Verified)
Miles Fallon (Verified)
Zak Hale (Verified)
Rene Rinnekangas (Verified)

winter dew tour
Alexander Ferreira proved he has the skills to get silver at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics in a standard superpipe and has the innovative talent to get initially in the modified superpipe at Dew Tour. Image: Courtesy of Jamie Walter/Dew Tour

Women of all ages Snowboard Streetstyle

Alexis Roland (Verified)
Nora Beck (Verified)
Jill Perkins (Verified)
Maria Thomsen (Verified)
Silvia Mittermueller (Verified)

Males and Women of all ages Ski

Males Ski Slopestyle:

Evan McEachran (Verified)
Alex Corridor (Verified)
Oystein Braaten (Verified)
Andri Ragettli (Verified)
Alex Beaulieu-Marchand (Verified)
Nick Goepper (Verified)
Ferdinand Dahl (Verified)
Teal Harle (Verified)
Fabian Bosch (Verified)
Birk Rudd (Verified)
Oscar Wester (Verified)
Colby Stevenson (Verified)
Max Moffatt (Verified)
Oliwer Magnusson (Verified)
Mark Hendrickson (Verified)
Colin Wili (Verified)
Gus Kenworthy (Verified)

Women of all ages Ski Slopestyle:

Kelly Sildaru (Verified)
Johanne Killi (Verified)
Sarah Hoefflin (Verified)
Maggie Voisin (Verified)
Mathilde Gremaud (Verified)
Megan Oldham (Verified)
Giulia Tanno (Verified)
Caroline Claire (Verified)

winter dew tour
Cassie Sharpe won her initially gold Olympic medal in the superpipe at the 2018 Pyeonchang Winter Games. Image: Courtesy of Jamie Walter

Males Ski Modified Superpipe:

Alex Ferreira (Verified)
David Clever (Verified)
Aaron Blunck (Verified)
Birk Irving (Verified)
Nico Porteous (Verified)
Noah Bowman (Verified)
Hunter Hess (Verified)
Brendan MacKay (Verified)
Taylor Seaton (Verified)
Lyman Currier (Verified)

Women of all ages Ski Modified Superpipe:

Cassie Sharpe (Verified)
Kelly Sildaru (Verified)
Rachael Karker (Verified)
Brita Sigourney (Verified)
Devin Logan (Verified)
Sabrina Cakmakli (Verified)
Zoe Atkin (Verified)
Abigale Hansen (Verified)

winter dew tour
Will defending Dew Tour ski slopestyle champion Evan McEachran have what it can take to retain his title? Obtain out at Dew Tour coming to Copper in Colorado February 6-nine, 2020! Image: Andrew Durso/Dew Tour

Males Ski Streetstyle:

LJ Strenio (Verified)
Jake Mageau (Verified)
Alex Bellemare (Verified)
Lupe Hagearty (Verified)
Antti Ollila (Verified)
Sam Zahner (Verified)
Alex Corridor (Verified)
Siver Voll (Verified)
Sean Jordan (Verified)
Will Berman (Verified)

Women of all ages Ski Streetstyle:

Taylor Lindquist (Verified)
McKenna Brown (Verified)
Brooke Potter (Verified)
Mathilde Gremaud (Verified)
Kelly Sildaru (Verified)
Johanne Killi (Verified)

Look at back again on Mensjournal.com or Dewtour.com for Dwell coverage of all the situations commencing Feb. 6.

This post initially appeared on Dewtour.com and was republished with permission.

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