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A personal approach to stroke treatment

Gregory Symko, D.C., is a chiropractor who specializes in assisting individuals with mind troubles related to stroke. He will help them enhance their hand-eye coordination and equilibrium troubles, operating with their arms, legs, or hands.

Dr. Symko also delivers a exclusive viewpoint to his operate: He is a stroke survivor.

Firsthand encounter

When he was forty a long time previous, Dr. Symko experienced a stroke, which he afterwards uncovered experienced been a collection of 5 mini-strokes.

“I recognized that if I could do mind-based mostly therapy for myself, I could enable other stroke victims recuperate.”

– Gregory Symko, D.C.

Dr. Symko’s stroke remaining him not able to see, eat, or wander. A little something as uncomplicated as raindrops or wind on his hand would trigger intense pain, and he experienced to put on gloves to enable stop it.

“It was awful,” he recollects. “I experienced intense burning in my arm, leg, and encounter.”

His indicators grew to become even worse in excess of time. In addition to pain and numbness, he also experienced vertigo, which can make you really feel like you are spinning. This caused intense equilibrium troubles. He also couldn’t emphasis his eyes on everything.

“When you have a stroke, your mind will get perplexed,” he says. “Elements of your mind that deal with your feeling of contact can get messed up.” For example, his remaining arm was numb, but he expert intense pain in his suitable arm.

Difficult operate pays off

For a several a long time, Dr. Symko couldn’t do everything on his have and experienced to get enable from his spouse, household, and health care pros.

But right after 3 a long time of really hard operate with physical therapists and occupational therapists, and on his have, Dr. Symko was in a position to go again to work—just not as a chiropractor. He labored at a pharmaceutical company and ongoing to get care of himself by having very well, working out daily, and making use of mind-based mostly therapy. He experienced to reteach his mind to emphasis and gain use of his limbs yet again.

“Mind-based mostly therapy is all about teaching your mind to do new items,” Dr. Symko says. “I recognized that if I could do mind-based mostly therapy for myself, I could enable other stroke victims recuperate.”

Assisting some others

4 a long time right after returning to operate, Dr. Symko felt powerful adequate to reopen his chiropractic small business in Concord, Massachusetts.

Now sixty one, he says that he treats individuals from a different viewpoint.

“A stroke modifications you,” he says. “It set my existence on pause for seven a long time, but now I am healthier than ever.” He eats healthier foodstuff and understands the influence that training has on his mind.

Pushing more durable

While Dr. Symko often has vision troubles at evening and problems going for walks due to equilibrium challenges, he says he would not get discouraged.

“I check out these troubles as a message to thrust even more durable to continue to be healthy,” he says.

Dr. Symko advises these who have experienced a stroke or who care for stroke victims to be affected person and not give up.

“Try to eat very well, get tons of rest, and training on a regular basis to continue to keep your mind active,” he says. “Strokes usually are not the close of the earth. You have to operate at recovery all the time.”