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Antibodies Protect Against COVID-19 Reinfection

April 2021

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Immediately after acquiring COVID-19, most people’s bodies acquire antibodies to aid fight it off. These are specific molecules manufactured by the body’s disorder defense technique, the immune technique. A examine discovered that individuals with these antibodies have been a lot less possible to get COVID-19 all over again.

Scientists seemed at far more than 3 million individuals who experienced an antibody examination for SARS-CoV-two. SARS-CoV-two is the virus that triggers COVID-19.

They discovered that about 11% of individuals experienced SARS-CoV-two antibodies. More than 88% experienced a destructive examination. And a lot less than one% of assessments have been inconclusive.

The experts seemed at who arrived down with COVID-19 just after the examination. They analyzed up to 30 days, 31–60 days, 61–90 days, and far more than 90 days just after.

About 3% to four% of individuals with destructive antibody assessments acquired COVID-19 in each and every time period of time. But individuals who experienced antibodies have been a lot less possible to have COVID-19 as time went on. Only .3% of the individuals with antibodies experienced a positive COVID-19 examination far more than 90 days just after. Individuals devoid of antibodies have been ten situations far more possible to get the disorder.

The findings counsel that individuals who have a positive final result from an antibody examination may be at decreased risk for future an infection with SARS-CoV-two.

NIH’s Dr. Lynn Penberthy, who led the study staff, describes that far more queries still need to be answered. “We are yet encouraged by this early locating,” she says.