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You and your health care company could consider both an at-property collection kit or an at-property test if you have indications and signs and symptoms of COVID-19 and if you just cannot get tested by a health care company.

At-property collection kits and exams are readily available both by prescription or in excess of the counter in a pharmacy or retail keep devoid of a prescription. At this time readily available at-property exams search for recent infection.

Gathering Specimens

Clean your fingers, then observe the guidance bundled with the specimen collection or test kit for accumulating your own nasal or saliva specimen.

  • For the ideal final results, collect and take care of the specimens according to the manufacturer’s  instructions. If you do not collect the specimens as directed, your test final results could be incorrect.

Some exams involve a nasal specimen that can be gathered working with an anterior nasal swab or a nasal mid-turbinate swab. Other exams involve a saliva specimen.

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The moment gathered, send out the specimen to a testing facility or use the specimen, as described in the manufacturer’s guidance, to entire the at-property test.

Doing the Take a look at

Comply with the manufacturer’s guidance just and in the purchase specified. The manufacturer could also present other sources, these kinds of as speedy reference guides or tutorial movies, to assistance you conduct the test correctly.


  • Store all test parts according to the manufacturer’s guidance right until all set for use.
  • Never use expired exams or test parts that are broken or discolored.
  • Disinfect the countertop, desk, or other surface where by you will do the test.
  • Never open up test devices or other test parts right until the testing process is about to take place.
  • Read through and document test final results only inside of the total of time specified in the manufacturer’s guidance. A consequence read right before or soon after the specified timeframe could not be suitable.
  • Never reuse test devices or other parts.

Just after you have the final results, discard the specimen collection swab and test kit in the trash, disinfect all surfaces that the specimen could have touched, and wash your fingers.

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Reporting Success

Communicate your final results to your health care company, who is dependable for reporting your test final results to the condition wellness division. If the at-property test has an app that lets you to report your final results to the condition wellness division, tell your health care company no matter if you used that app for final results reporting.

If Your Take a look at Is Unfavorable

A detrimental test consequence signifies that SARS-CoV-two, the virus that triggers COVID-19, was not located in your specimen. If you took the test whilst you had signs and symptoms and adopted all guidance meticulously, a detrimental consequence usually signifies your recent health issues is not COVID-19.

On the other hand, it is probable for a test to give a detrimental consequence in some persons who have COVID-19 (that is, a bogus detrimental). You could also test detrimental if the sample was gathered far too early in your infection. In this situation, you could test positive afterwards through your health issues. Examine your signs and symptoms and test final results with your health care company to figure out if you need to have observe-up testing.

If you have COVID-19 signs and symptoms, in particular if you have been exposed to a person who has COVID-19, you must quarantine according to CDC tips.

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If Your Take a look at Is Good

Inform your health care company about your positive test consequence and continue to be in contact with them through your health issues. To stay clear of spreading the virus to many others, observe CDC tips. See CDC’s steerage Isolate if You are Sick, which has details for a person who exams positive and has signs and symptoms, and for a person who doesn’t have signs and symptoms.

If Your Consequence Exhibits Invalid or Mistake

At times the final results are not distinct or are inconclusive, and the test is unable to convey to you if your final results are positive or detrimental.

If the exhibit on the at-property test exhibits an invalid consequence or a test mistake, the test did not perform appropriately. If this occurs, you should refer to the guidance for use in the bundle insert and contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Invalid final results can take place for lots of explanations. Your specimen could not have been gathered correctly or the testing instrument could have malfunctioned. On the other hand, these kinds of invalid final results must not occur frequently.

Regardless of what your test final results are, you must always evaluate the final results with your health care company. Your health care company will consider the test consequence jointly with your signs and symptoms and probable publicity in determining how to treatment for you.