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Best Festbier Lager Beers to Try This October

Oktoberfest will glance mighty distinct this fall. Germany’s yearly beer-and-sausage blowout is canceled, and massive American gatherings will probably continue being limited—but don’t see the glass 50 %-vacant. As a substitute, fill it to the major with festbier, the golden lager that’s intended for celebrations.

People in america largely affiliate Oktoberfest beers with the richly malted Märzen (which means March), a copper-toned lager traditionally brewed in early spring and lagered, or cold-conditioned, in the course of summertime. Having said that, the strong brew has prolonged experienced an Achilles’ heel: They’re a minor on the hefty side. That’s why Germany’s go-to Oktoberfest lager is now festbier, lighter in shade, loaded with flavor, and ideal for a liter or four on an autumn afternoon.

“It’s whole-bodied but very, very simple-drinking,” states Steve Hauser, CEO of Paulaner Usa.

With imported-beer aisles now brimming with freshly brewed German can take, stateside breweries have also embraced the extra assertively hopped festbier. It’s time to go for gold.

“It’s whole-bodied but very, very simple-drinking.”

Bayerische Staatsbrauerei Weihenstephan
Freising, Germany • five.eight% ABV
This German brewery—reportedly the world’s oldest, relationship to the eleventh century—makes its richly golden festbier with quite a few varieties of Hallertauer hops. They lend the hearty lager a oral, spicy profile that IPA supporters will recognize.

Brauhaus Riegele
Augsburg, Germany • five.two% ABV
Founded in 1386, this loved ones-operate Bavarian brewery makes its yr-round festbier with Germany’s heirloom Stef barley and its own one of a kind yeast strain. Riegele cold-ferments Privat for extra than 60 times, building a clean and snappy lager with a fragrance of blooming flowers.

Paulaner Brewery
Munich, Germany • six% ABV
To recreate Oktoberfest at home, hoist a hefty glass mug of Paulaner’s trophy-gold Oktoberfest Bier. It’s the same lager they provide at the competition, and balances a bready foundation with a grassy, herbaceous scent—a bratwurst’s ideal good friend.

Staatliches Hofbräuhaus München
Munich, Germany • six.three% ABV
Roast hen shines with the great Hofbräu Oktoberfestbier, a competition lager as potent and warming as late-summertime sun. Regardless of its heft, the lager beverages gentle and simple, with a slight lip-smacking sweetness that’s well balanced by a bit of bitterness from a quartet of German hops.

A few Weavers Brewing Business
Inglewood, CA • five% ABV
Brewmaster Alexandra Nowell appeared to the blonde German lagers of Oktoberfest for her average-strength festbier, which she states is “brewed to be incredibly drinkable and refreshing.” Be expecting crystalline clarity, notes of biscuit and light toast, and a oral fragrance that’s as appealingly mellow as a Sunday afternoon.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Business
Chico, CA Mills River, NC • six% ABV
Sierra Nevada makes America’s most broadly offered festbier, trying to keep factors fresh new by each year tweaking the recipe. A blend of four grains gives the most current lager a toasty profile that’s twinned to a fruity, oral fragrance provided by quite a few German hops. It’s a wonderful grilling companion.

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