Best Stretches to Do After a Run, According to a Physical Therapist

If you run often, you are no stranger to restricted, sore muscle groups and the occasional injuries. In addition to regular strength instruction coupled with correct diet and snooze, the suitable stretches soon after a run can assist your muscle groups great down and get ready for your up coming exercise routine.



Regardless of preferred belief, there isn’t a good deal of investigation that supports stretching just before a run, in accordance to actual physical therapist Corey Rovzar, Ph.D. In some circumstances, it can essentially impact performance.

“Stretching soon after a run is good, though, due to the fact you have currently place in people miles and it’s additional of a restoration,” claims Rovzar. “It need to often be carried out carefully. Just a wonderful, light-weight extend that need to come to feel superior and assist aid people muscle groups as they great down a little bit.”

In this article are Rovzar’s favorite put up-run stretches, with finer details on how to optimize every single.

1. Kneeling Hip Flexor Extend

“The most significant limitation I typically see with runners is hip-flexor tightness, and the influence it has on their working variety,” Rovzar claims. “This extend helps you get the hip extension you need to have even though working.”

  1. Commence with suitable knee on the floor and still left knee forward in a lunge posture.
  2. Trying to keep higher human body straight, lean forward with hips right up until you come to feel a extend.
  3. Keep for twenty-30 seconds, then swap sides.
thread the needle

two. Thread the Needle

“Any training that’s likely to improve thoracic mobility, which is your higher back again, is crucial due to the fact when you run, you want your torso to rotate,” Rovzar claims. “You really don’t want that rotation to all occur from your hips. That just makes you additional prone to injuries, and your hips will overcompensate if your thoracic backbone does not have the mobility.”

  1. Commence on the floor on all fours and make a tabletop posture with your body—hips need to be directly higher than knees. Elbows, shoulders, and wrists need to be in a straight line, perpendicular to the floor.
  2. Consider suitable arm and thread it under still left arm, rotating torso to the still left.
  3. Relaxation suitable shoulder and temple on the flooring.
  4. Retain still left arm straight and extend it overhead, with palm dealing with down.
  5. Keep for 30 seconds (or extended), then swap sides.
seated hamstring

three. Seated Hamstring Extend

“In standard, with working, your hamstrings and complete backside (posterior chain) are prone to receiving restricted due to the fact people muscle groups are receiving utilized a good deal. So, if you can get people hamstrings a minor additional limber, it can assist with the feeling of tightness.”

 Sit on the flooring and extend your suitable leg in entrance of you.

  1. Bend still left leg, with knee against the flooring and still left foot resting against the within of your suitable thigh.
  2. Keeping onto suitable foot, bend forward at waist even though keeping back again straight.
  3. Keep for 30 seconds, then swap sides.
quad stretch

4. Quad Extend

“Downhills are really hard on quads due to the fact the breaking system works them a ton. If your quads are tremendous restricted, it boosts the pressure that goes as a result of the knee, which can usually guide to agony or soreness, so you want to retain superior versatility by keeping your quads wonderful and limber.”

 Standing as straight as possible, grab your suitable foot and raise it up behind you.

  1. Carefully pull heel in toward butt to come to feel the extend. Imagine about keeping your knee close in, not winged out.
  2. Keep for 15-30 seconds and then swap sides.

5. Calf Extend

“Calves, identical to the hamstrings, are aspect of that posterior chain and essentially just take on seven periods the pressure of your human body weight when you are working. Calves are usually neglected from a strength perspective—it’s a large offer to display people calves some really like due to the fact they really are the workhorse.”

 Stand on the edge of a suppress, stairs, or an training action, with your heels handing off the edge.

  1. Get started by rising up onto toes (hold onto a wall or railing for harmony).
  2. Slowly and gradually lessen heels under the action.
  3. Do three sets of 15—this will each extend and bolster the calves.

*Do not have obtain to measures or a ledge? Stand in a staggered stance in entrance of a wall. With each feet flat on the floor, change your weight onto the back again foot right up until you come to feel a extend as a result of that leg’s calf. Change soon after 30 sec.

seated twist stretch

six. Seated Hip & IT Band Extend

“The IT Band is very prone to receiving restricted, especially when persons tend to overcompensate by using their quad/IT band as a substitute of their glutes. Coupling the IT band stretching with some glute strengthening can go a very long way, especially with persons who tend to have IT tightness or outer knee agony.”

  1. Sit on the flooring with legs prolonged out.
  2. Cross suitable leg in excess of still left and bend knee so that suitable foot rests flat on the flooring.
  3. Rotate human body to glance in excess of suitable shoulder right up until you come to feel a extend.
  4. Keep for 30 seconds and then swap sides.
Pigeon Pose
Courtesy of Lululemon

seven. Pigeon Extend

“This kind of goes together with that calf and hamstring posterior chain complex, the place your glutes are operating really hard and prone to tightness, especially if you are executing a good deal of uphill working. Stretching your glutes is superior to retain mobility and just relaxed items down soon after a really hard run.”

  1. Commence on all fours and extend still left leg out behind you, with hips dealing with forward.
  2. Bend suitable knee with shin resting on the flooring.
  3. Slowly and gradually stroll hands forward and lean into the extend for 5-10 seconds.
  4. Change sides and repeat.

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