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Bipolar Disorder – Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

Bipolar dysfunction is a treatable mental well being problem marked by excessive changes in temper, thought, energy, and conduct. It is not a character flaw or a indicator of individual weak spot. Bipolar dysfunction was formerly recognised as manic despair mainly because a person’s temper can alternate among the “poles” of mania (highs) and despair (lows). These changes in temper, or “mood swings,” can final for several hours, times, weeks or months.

When individuals practical experience signs of both equally mania and despair at the similar time, they’re reported to be going through a combined point out (or combined mania). They have all of the damaging thoughts that occur with despair, but they also feel agitated, restless and activated, or “wired.” People people who have experienced a combined point out typically explain it as the extremely worst component of bipolar dysfunction.