Blood Type Might Raise Odds for Certain Health Conditions

By Robert Preidt
HealthDay Reporter

MONDAY, May possibly three, 2021 (HealthDay Information) — Selected blood kinds may possibly enhance a person’s risk of distinct well being difficulties, a new review suggests.

The analysis confirms some past results and reveals new one-way links among blood kinds and ailments, according to the authors of the review revealed April 27 in the journal eLife.

“There is still extremely minor information and facts available about regardless of whether persons with RhD-beneficial or RhD-unfavorable blood teams may possibly be at risk of specified ailments, or how numerous much more ailments may possibly be afflicted by blood style or team,” claimed to start with writer Torsten Dahlén, a doctoral student at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

To enable fill that gap, the scientists investigated the website link among blood kinds, RhD status and much more than 1,000 ailments. (A human being who is RhD beneficial has a protein known as the D antigen on their purple blood cells RhD unfavorable signifies the protein is absent.)

The analysis of well being info from much more than five million persons in Sweden determined forty nine ailments joined to blood kinds, and one particular linked with the RhD team.


The results confirmed that persons with style A blood have been much more possible to have blood clots these with style O blood have been much more possible to have a bleeding ailment and ladies with style O blood have been much more possible to build pregnancy-induced superior blood tension (“hypertension”).

The investigators also located a new website link among style B blood and a reduced risk of kidney stones, and noted that ladies who are RhD-beneficial are much more possible to build pregnancy-induced hypertension.

Additional analysis is needed to affirm these results and to find out much more about the one-way links among blood style and disorder hazards, according to the review authors.

“Our results spotlight new and exciting interactions among conditions these types of as kidney stones and pregnancy-induced hypertension and blood style or team,” claimed senior writer Gustaf Edgren, affiliate professor of epidemiology at the Karolinska Institute.

“They lay the groundwork for foreseeable future research to establish the mechanisms guiding disorder growth, or for investigating new means to establish and handle individuals with specified conditions,” Edgren added in a journal information launch.


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Supply: eLife, information launch, April 27, 2021