Can These 2 Nutrients Lower Your Risk for Parkinson’s?

News Picture: Can 2 Nutrients Lower Your Risk for Parkinson's?By Steven Reinberg HealthDay Reporter

Persons who consume higher ranges of nutritional vitamin C and E may well lower their danger for Parkinson’s ailment by virtually a 3rd, a new review suggests.

Foods higher in vitamin C contain oranges, strawberries, broccoli and Brussels sprouts. Foods higher in vitamin E contain spinach, collard greens, pumpkin and nuts these types of as almonds and peanuts.

How could the two nutrients ward off Parkinson’s? According to the European researchers associated in the new review, vitamins C and E are also anti-oxidants that could ward off the cell destruction Parkinson’s causes. Specifically, anti-oxidants could help counteract “unstable” molecules and the oxidative anxiety that can direct to a decline of a brain chemical termed dopamine, which is a hallmark of the ailment.

“The protecting effect of vitamins on Parkinson’s ailment danger could be restricted to precise vitamins, these types of as vitamins E and C. Consequently, taking in foodstuff that are wealthy in vitamins E and C could help to reduce the growth of Parkinson’s ailment,” explained researcher Essi Hantikainen, from the College of Milano-Bicocca in Italy.

“Also, higher concentrations of vitamin C are uncovered in the central nervous procedure, where by it has neuroprotective attributes,” she stated.

Hantikainen mentioned that this review can not prove that vitamins E and C reduce Parkinson’s, only that higher ranges of these vitamins are associated with a lower danger of building the ailment.

“More exploration is necessary to validate these findings,” she explained. “And it is not nevertheless apparent what the most beneficial amounts of vitamins E and C are to lower the danger of Parkinson’s ailment.”

Parkinson’s ailment is a motion dysfunction. It gradually lowers dopamine, a chemical in the brain, affecting speech, strolling and balance. The causes usually are not regarded, and there are no helpful remedies, nor is there a heal.

For the review, printed on the web Jan. 6 in the journal Neurology, Hantikainen and her colleagues adopted nearly forty four,000 older people in Sweden for an regular of eighteen many years. None had Parkinson’s at the start out.

Members completed a questionnaire at the outset about their health-related historical past, food plan and exercising, which include peak, body weight and bodily action.

They had been then divided into 3 groups: these with the highest intake of vitamins E and C, these with reasonable intake and these with the least expensive intake.

All over the review, 465 individuals designed Parkinson’s ailment.

Right after taking into account elements like age, intercourse, overall body mass index and bodily action, individuals who acquired the most vitamins E and C had a 32% lower danger of Parkinson’s ailment than these who acquired the minimum.

What about getting the two vitamins from supplements?

“We had been not equipped to investigate the effect of supplements on the danger of Parkinson’s ailment,” Hantikainen explained, but there could be superior health and fitness explanations to check out sourcing the nutrients from foodstuff, not capsules. “Large intake of some vitamins from supplements, these types of as vitamin E, has been connected to a greater danger of particular ailments, these types of as cardiovascular ailment,” she explained.

Dr. Alessandro Di Rocco, director of Northwell Health’s Movement Ailments System in Fantastic Neck, N.Y., reviewed the review and explained anti-oxidants may well be a person of the environmental elements that defend from Parkinson’s.

“We are thinking of Parkinson’s like lots of other neurodegenerative ailments, as an interplay among genetic elements, some of which we know, most of which we will not, and environmental triggers,” he explained.

Di Rocco explained lots of of his people just take supplemental anti-oxidants: “A whole lot of my people do just take vitamin E and vitamin C, and they requested me should really I just take them, and all I can say is that I’ve no purpose to say no, there’s no hurt in undertaking it, and perhaps there is a benefit.”

Persons at danger for Parkinson’s, these types of as these with a robust family members historical past of the ailment, could also benefit from anti-oxidants, he explained.

James Beck, main scientific officer of the Parkinson’s Basis, explained the finest way to defend by yourself from Parkinson’s is to have a healthier way of life. That consists of taking in a Mediterranean-type food plan wealthy in fruits, veggies and whole grains, and getting a lot of exercising.


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Despite the fact that genetics engage in a role in Parkinson’s, only ten% of instances are owing to regarded gene mutations, Beck explained.

He also mentioned that reports of anti-oxidants and the danger for Parkinson’s have had mixed effects.

“We will not thoroughly recognize what is heading on about why individuals produce Parkinson’s,” Beck explained. “This review does not give that type of clarity. We can not say, ‘Oh, Okay, this is why individuals are building Parkinson’s ailment or not building Parkinson’s ailment.'”

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For a lot more on Parkinson’s ailment, see the Parkinson’s Basis.

Sources: Essi Hantikainen, Ph.D., College of Milano-Bicocca, Milan, Italy Alessandro Di Rocco, MD, director, Northwell Health’s Movement Ailments System, Fantastic Neck, N.Y. James Beck, Ph.D., main scientific officer, Parkinson’s Basis Neurology, on the web, Jan. 6, 2021

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