Sept. 24, 2021 — The Fda and the CDC this 7 days declared that particular teams of men and women at significant threat for critical COVID-19 an infection can now get a booster dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

You and your good friends and family members may possibly have queries: Am I eligible? In which do I go to get a booster? Do I have to exhibit proof of staying significant-threat? Am I nonetheless entirely vaccinated if I’m eligible for a booster and do not obtain just one?

We split down the most typical queries about the up-to-date Pfizer booster tips.

What are boosters?

A booster is an added dose of vaccine to give you far more defense versus a disease in this circumstance, COVID-19.

“Basically, boosters are accurately what the phrase claims,” in accordance to Anita Gupta, DO, an adjunct assistant professor of anesthesiology and vital care medication and pain medication at the Johns Hopkins College College of Medicine.

“Boosters allow for men and women to have an greater immune response.”

The added dose of vaccine is primarily essential for the aged and men and women with weakened immune devices from problems like cancer, diabetic issues, or weight problems, owing to new variants staying identified, claims Gupta.

“There’s a probability that the immune response from the two-dose vaccine collection may possibly not be plenty of, primarily in persons who would be specially susceptible.

“So, the goal is definitely to help individuals persons if they perhaps had been confronted with new variants and to ensure that they do not have any inadequate immune response if they’re confronted with it.”

Who is eligible for the Pfizer booster?

Sure teams of men and women who have been entirely vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine for six months or more time can now obtain a one Pfizer booster dose, in accordance to up-to-date Fda emergency use authorization tips.

You can’t obtain the Pfizer booster if you gained other COVID-19 vaccines, like Moderna or Johnson & Johnson.

You can get a Pfizer booster if you gained the Pfizer vaccine and are a section of just one of these teams:

  1. sixty five several years aged or more mature
  2. 18 several years aged or more mature and at significant threat for serious COVID-19
  3. If you do the job or dwell in a condition that puts you at significant threat for serious COVID-19. For illustration, wellness care employees, instructors, and men and women in prisons and homeless shelters.

Go below to see if you or somebody you know is at significant threat for serious COVID-19.

When can I be expecting to obtain a Pfizer booster if I gained yet another COVID-19 vaccine, like Moderna or Johnson & Johnson?

The specific day is not known, but it shouldn’t take too extensive, provided Moderna recently submitted information to the Fda, and Johnson & Johnson will be adhering to fit incredibly soon.

U.S. Surgeon Common Vivek H. Murthy, MD, on Friday reported getting boosters permitted for anyone, including individuals who at first acquired the Moderna or J&J vaccine, is a “high, significant priority.”

William Schaffner, MD, a professor of preventive medication and infectious diseases at Vanderbilt College, agrees it must happen before long.

“I would hope that within the up coming thirty day period to six months, we will get data about equally of individuals vaccines,” he claims. “It will be just one right right after the other. Every single just one dealt with independently.”

“I know it leads to a particular sum of confusion, but which is the way you have to do it due to the fact all the information had been not assembled at accurately the same time.”

Just the point that Pfizer boosters are now obtainable to particular significant-threat teams is a large indicator that boosters for other COVID-19 vaccines are not much at the rear of, claims Eric Ascher, DO, a family members medication medical doctor at Lenox Hill Clinic in New York Town.

“To me, that is a potent indicator that they will be designed obtainable to the relaxation of the population before long,” he claims.

In which do I go get my Pfizer booster and how considerably will it charge?

You can get your booster shot at pharmacies, your doctor’s business, wellness departments, occupational clinics, and federal systems, in accordance to the CDC.

“Over 70% of present-day COVID-19 administration” takes place in pharmacies, the CDC states.

Boosters for all COVID-19 vaccines are totally absolutely free.

“All COVID-19 vaccines, including booster doses, will be delivered absolutely free of cost to the U.S. population,” the CDC reported Thursday.

Do I will need to exhibit proof of possessing gained the Pfizer vaccine right before getting a Pfizer booster?

The limited remedy is in all probability not. But for your basic safety, it’s essential to observe Fda tips and only get a Pfizer booster if you gained the Pfizer vaccine, Schaffner claims.

“That has already opened the doorway to men and women who have not been vaccinated with Pfizer who are incredibly keen to get a booster, to go forward and get a booster. That’s not proposed,” he claims.

“We always caution men and women that, whilst this is unlikely, must you working experience an adverse function, if you’re doing it exterior the established recommendation, your insurance won’t go over it.”

Do we have to exhibit proof of staying significant threat owing to an fundamental health-related ailment or that we dwell or do the job in a spot that puts us at significant threat for serious COVID-19, or that we are more mature than sixty five?


It will do the job on the honor program, Schaffner claims. “In other phrases, you exhibit up and say you’re eligible, you won’t be quizzed about it, and the location, irrespective of whether it’s a pharmacy or vaccination internet site, will give you the booster.

“This is the same course of action we already have in spot for men and women who are immunocompromised. All they have to do is exhibit up and say, ‘I’m in an immunocompromised team,’ and they get the third dose.”

Are boosters a total dose or 50 percent dose of the Pfizer vaccine?

A Pfizer booster is just one total dose of Pfizer vaccine, in accordance to the Fda.

But this may possibly not be the same for other COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

“For illustration, the Fda is considering irrespective of whether to authorize a reduced dose of the Moderna COVID-19 vaccine booster than the dose provided in the 1st two shots,” Gupta claims.

But you shouldn’t be too hung up on the dose of your booster shot.

“This is dependent on the make-up of the vaccine and does not improve the degree of defense,” Ascher claims.

If I am entirely vaccinated but have not gained a booster, am I nonetheless regarded entirely vaccinated?


“Based on present-day information, the definition of ‘fully vaccinated’ would stay the same right after suggestions for booster dose,” the CDC claims.

A human being is regarded entirely vaccinated two months right after they full their first vaccination collection, like two doses of the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines or just one dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

When it comes to men and women who are immunocompromised, it can be a little bit far more intricate, claims Gupta.

“For clarity’s sake, if you are immunocompromised, we’ll get in touch with your third shot a third dose. Third doses for immunocompromised men and women are obtainable now. If you’re not immunocompromised, a third shot is regarded a booster.

“According to the CDC, individuals with moderately to severely compromised immune devices are primarily susceptible to COVID-19 and may possibly not develop the same degree of immunity to two-dose vaccine collection, in comparison to men and women who are not immunocompromised. This further dose intends to strengthen immunocompromised people’s response to their first vaccine collection.”

Is this likely to be an yearly booster, like flu vaccines?

“We do not know that nevertheless,” Schaffner claims. “We would foresee that these boosters, due to the fact they definitely boost and raise your antibody ranges to a incredibly significant degree, would give instead prolonged defense. How extensive? Well, we’ll have to see.

“Remember, we’re finding out about COVID-19 and COVID-19 vaccinations as we go alongside, so we can’t predict at the instant irrespective of whether this will be an yearly booster, or each and every two several years, or each and every three several years. We’ll just have to see.”

Must I be expecting the same aspect consequences that I expert when I gained my first doses of COVID-19 vaccine?

You may possibly working experience identical aspect consequences, like arm soreness, delicate flu, entire body aches, and other typical signs and symptoms, in accordance to the CDC.

But it’s essential to recall that anyone reacts in a different way to vaccines, claims Ascher.

“I have had patients (as nicely as own working experience) in which there had been none to negligible signs and symptoms, and some others who felt they had a delicate flu for 24 several hours,” he claims.

“I be expecting no aspect consequences larger than what was felt with your prior doses. The vaccine is incredibly protected, and the reward of vaccination outweighs the hazards of any delicate aspect consequences.”

If you’d like far more data, you can examine out the CDC and U.S. Section of Wellbeing and Human Services sites for updates on COVID-19 vaccines and boosters. You can also arrive at out to your health care provider or other wellness care suppliers to study far more.

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Anita Gupta, DO, adjunct assistant professor of anesthesiology and vital care medication and pain medication, Johns Hopkins College College of Medicine. 

Eric Ascher, MD, Spouse and children Medicine Health practitioner, Lenox Hill Clinic. 

William Schaffner, MD, professor of preventive medication and infectious diseases, Vanderbilt College.



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