Creatine is an amino acid located mainly in your body’s muscle mass as perfectly as in the brain. Most people today get creatine as a result of seafood and red meat — although at degrees far down below all those located in synthetically created creatine supplements. The body’s liver, pancreas and kidneys also can make about 1 gram of creatine for every working day.

Your human body shops creatine as phosphocreatine primarily in your muscle mass, in which it can be made use of for strength. As a consequence, people today choose creatine orally to improve athletic overall performance and raise muscle mass mass.

People also use oral creatine to take care of specified brain diseases, neuromuscular disorders, congestive coronary heart failure and other disorders. Topical creatine may possibly be made use of to take care of aging pores and skin.


Study on creatine use for precise activities and disorders demonstrates:

  • Power, muscle mass sizing and overall performance. Oral creatine use may possibly permit an athlete to do more operate in the course of reps or sprints, primary to greater gains in strength, muscle mass mass and overall performance. Creatine is normally made use of by athletes concerned in higher-intensity intermittent activities that demand a rapid restoration in the course of education and levels of competition.
  • Injury avoidance. Oral creatine may possibly lessen the frequency of dehydration, muscle mass cramping, and accidents to the muscle mass, bones, ligaments, tendons and nerves.
  • Exceptional creatine-metabolizing syndromes. In little ones with the specified creatine deficiency syndromes, oral creatine supplements may possibly improve some indications.
  • Cognition and brain well being. Creatine supplementation may possibly improve overall performance in the course of cognitive jobs, particularly in older grown ups.
  • Sarcopenia and bone well being. Creatine supplementation may possibly help counteract age-similar declines in skeletal muscle mass and bone mineral density.
  • Heart failure. There is not ample evidence to recommend use of oral creatine as a coronary heart failure treatment method.
  • Pores and skin aging. Early analysis suggests that a product that contains creatine and other ingredients applied to the encounter each working day for six months may possibly lessen pores and skin sag and wrinkles in men. Yet another examine suggests that a product that contains creatine and folic acid enhances sun problems and reduces wrinkles.

People who have low degrees of creatine — this kind of as vegetarians — surface to gain most from creatine supplements.

Our choose

Green light: Generally safe

Generally risk-free

Creatine may possibly gain athletes who will need brief bursts of speed or increased muscle mass strength, this kind of as sprinters, bodyweight lifters and crew sport athletes.

Whilst taking creatine may possibly not help all athletes, evidence suggests that it normally would not damage if taken as directed.

While an older situation examine instructed that creatine may possibly worsen kidney dysfunction in people today with kidney diseases, creatine would not surface to have an affect on kidney function in healthier people today.

Protection and side effects

When made use of orally at suitable doses, creatine is probably risk-free to choose for up to five a long time. As with any nutritional nutritional supplement, it can be critical to pick out a product or service that follows encouraged producing practices and subscribes to 3rd-bash testing to make certain the product’s quality.

Creatine can lead to:

  • Pounds attain, normally as lean human body mass

Creatine may possibly be unsafe for people today with preexisting kidney issues. Even so, further more analysis is necessary.


Probable interactions involve:

  • Caffeine. Combining caffeine with creatine may possibly decrease the efficacy of creatine. Use of creatine with a daily quantity of caffeine greater than three hundred milligrams may possibly also worsen the progression of Parkinson’s ailment. More analysis is necessary.