A diverticulitis food plan is one thing your medical professional might endorse as aspect of a limited-time period therapy approach for acute diverticulitis.

Diverticula are little, bulging pouches that can form in the lining of the digestive process. They are observed most usually in the reduced aspect of the massive intestine (colon). This situation is referred to as diverticulosis.

In some situations, a person or extra of the pouches turn into infected or contaminated. This is known as diverticulitis.

Mild situations of diverticulitis are usually addressed with antibiotics and a lower-fiber food plan, or therapy may perhaps start off with a time period of relaxation where by you try to eat nothing by mouth, then start off with crystal clear liquids and then transfer to a lower-fiber food plan until finally your situation enhances. More-intense situations typically involve hospitalization.


Nutrition remedy for diverticulitis is a short term evaluate to give your digestive process a opportunity to relaxation. Take in little quantities until finally bleeding and diarrhea subside.

Eating plan aspects

Your food plan starts with only crystal clear liquids for a couple days. Examples of objects authorized on a crystal clear liquid food plan incorporate:

  • Broth
  • Fruit juices without the need of pulp, this kind of as apple juice
  • Ice chips
  • Ice pops without the need of bits of fruit or fruit pulp
  • Gelatin
  • Drinking water
  • Tea or espresso without the need of product

As you start off experience superior, your medical professional will endorse that you gradually incorporate lower-fiber foodstuff. Examples of lower-fiber foodstuff incorporate:

  • Canned or cooked fruits without the need of skin or seeds
  • Canned or cooked vegetables this kind of as eco-friendly beans, carrots and potatoes (without the need of the skin)
  • Eggs, fish and poultry
  • Refined white bread
  • Fruit and vegetable juice with no pulp
  • Minimal-fiber cereals
  • Milk, yogurt and cheese
  • White rice, pasta and noodles


You need to experience superior inside of two or three days of setting up the food plan and antibiotics. If you have not commenced experience superior by then, get in touch with your medical professional. Also get hold of your medical professional if:

  • You acquire a fever
  • Your stomach pain is worsening
  • You might be not able to hold crystal clear liquids down

These may perhaps suggest a complication that needs hospitalization.


Nutrition remedy for diverticulitis has couple challenges. Nevertheless, continuing a crystal clear liquid food plan for extra than a couple days can guide to weak spot and other troubles, because it does not offer plenty of of the nutrition your overall body requires. For this cause, your medical professional will want you to transition back again to a usual food plan that features foodstuff with fiber as soon as you can tolerate it.


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