Does Having a Medical Marijuana Card Show Up on a Background Check in Lafayette?

Does My Medical Marijuana Card Show Up On a Background Check?

Medical marijuana is being legalized across the United States.  It’s becoming popular as an alternative medicine for symptoms of certain illnesses.  However, many still ask: does having a medical card show up on a background check?

This uncertainty is especially important for those who are seeking potential job opportunities.  They wonder if a medical marijuana prescription in Lafayette will affect their likelihood of getting hired and whether the prescription will show up on a background check by an employer.

Who Can See If I Have a Medical CBD Card in Lafayette?

Your medical records are protected under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).  This act was put in place o protect patients’ privacy and to prevent workforce discrimination against those with medical conditions.  

So if you are asking:  are MMJ cards confidential in Lafayette, the answer is: to a certain degree, yes.  Federal and state laws determine who can see if you have a medical card.

But, the HIPAA ensures that your name will not appear on a list of marijuana users maintained by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).  This alone offers you the privacy of any marijuana use that is medically recommended.

Does Having a Medical Card Show Up on a Federal Background Check in Lafayette?

Another important consideration is that federal laws differ from state laws.  Because of this, employees who are employed by the federal government will be held to federal regulations.  Medical marijuana prescriptions may show up on background checks if your employer requests it.  

In addition, jobs in the healthcare and childcare industry in Lafayette can also request your medical records and have access to your marijuana prescription. Jobs in the military and law enforcement will also be able to see your medical information.

It’s safe to say that the nature of the job or position defines your background checks.  You will have the opportunity to reveal the information or not, but your refusal will end up impacting your job if the job requires that you show your medical records. 

Does a Med Card Go On Your Record?

Under HIPAA, employers cannot access your medical marijuana record if they run a background check.  But, there are certain policies in states that you will need to follow when you have a medical card.

Ensure that you understand the federal and state laws that govern the prescription of medical marijuana when looking for a job.  

You might find yourself in violation of federal laws if you work in a health care or childcare facility in Lafayette while using medical marijuana.

Contact a medical marijuana doctor in Lafayette who will help you understand the laws that regulate the use of a medical card in the state.

A Medical Marijuana Card in Lafayette is Protected Data

Even if HIPAA protects patients using medical marijuana, it will still be your choice to reveal your medical records or not.  

It is your moral and ethical responsibility to use marijuana for the medical purposes stated in the recommendation by your doctor.  Make sure that you are not using it for fun. 

Does having a medical card show up on a background check in Lafayette? No.  But for federal employment opportunities in Lafayette, it can be required that you show your medical records.