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Drug Addiction Treatment – Types, First Step and Medicines

Drug addiction might be a common phrase nowadays, but we can’t overlook the severity of this syndrome. With each passing day, the seriousness of this syndrome is increasing as people are getting hooked on new substances every now and then. However, medical science is also getting advanced and coming up with new treatment procedures to get rid of substance abuse and addiction altogether. You can learn all about it from suboxone doctors near me.

As stated before, pharmaceutical scientists are always on the mission to come up with new medication that will not only be proven effective but also keep relapsing thoughts at bay. But that depends on the therapies more than the medication. Nonetheless, all combined is a great way to treat addiction. If you or any of your loved ones are addicted to the drug, then you should learn the best way to treat it to prevent getting the wrong treatment.

Types of Addiction Treatments

When it comes to types of treatment at suboxone treatment doctors there are mainly two sectors- Medication and Therapeutic. The medical treatment goes along with therapies to attack both the physical and psychological aspects that work behind making a person addicted. Medication is a single type of method but there are different types of counseling methods available. These are:

  • Rational Emotive Behavior

If you were wondering “How can I get rid of drugs at home?”, then it can only be possible after you have gone through proper medication and therapy. Rational Emotive Therapy is such kind. With this therapy session, you can learn to be more responsible and ways to prevent yourself from relapsing. The therapist will essentially teach you to be more responsible for your actions rather than blame it on the situation or people.

  • Contingency Management Program

What is a Contingency Management Program? Well in simple words, this is a behavioral therapy that leverages the reward system. Whenever a patient has appeared negative on their urine test, the doctors or therapists at drug treatment centers near me will give them gift vouchers or cash as a reward.

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is best for when the patient has suffered from addiction for a longer time or has relapsed on several occasions. In CBT therapy sessions, the therapist totally changes the way the patent thinks and behaves by reinforcing positive behavior in place of their negative ones. The patient will learn how to be sober by catching themselves on having relapsing thoughts before taking action on them. But not all therapists at all sublocade treatment centers can do it as it needs specialized skills. So ensure that you have chosen the right-center for getting said therapy.

First steps

But admitting your loved ones to get these therapies is not the first step as they are most probably still hooked on drugs or in denial of their state. Hence, the first step is helping the person acknowledge that they have a problem, which is directly affecting their physical, mental and social state. Once that done, the person will become more responsive to the suggestions and recommendations provided by the doctor and therapist.

Most people might still be reluctant to get treatment as they are fearful of the withdrawal symptoms. But with the meddling of sublocade treatment, it can be properly taken care of. Detoxification comes before the treatment has begun to detox the body of any toxins and residue of the drug. This procedure is fully done with medication due to the severity of withdrawal symptoms. Without it, the person will most likely want to withdraw from getting further treatment altogether.


When recovering from addiction, the person will need to take medication on a daily basis or as stated by the doctors at drug addiction treatment centers near me. Longer-term use of such medication will prevent cravings, withdrawal, and relapse. So, ensure that you are taking all the prescribed medication as suggested by the doctors.

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