It’s believed that million individuals in the U.S. are living with HIV. And some of those individuals — about a single in 7 — really do not know they have it, according to the U.S. Centers for Ailment Management and Avoidance (CDC).

HIV screening is vital to managing the virus. If individuals cannot get to a clinic for testing, or have considerations about their privacy, there is a property testing package that has been evaluated and authorized by the U.S. Food items and Drug Administration (Food and drug administration).

Why is HIV testing important?

The CDC suggests that anyone in between the ages of 13 and sixty four a long time old be screened for HIV at minimum at the time as section of their plan wellness care. Far more regular testing is advised for individuals who have a better hazard of an infection because of behaviors this sort of as having sexual intercourse without condoms, having sexual intercourse with numerous companions, or injecting medicine using shared needles.

When individuals know their HIV standing, they have potent information they can use to get care of themselves.

For individuals who are HIV beneficial, there are Food and drug administration-authorized medicines that can assistance retain the virus below control. These medicines do not cure HIV, but they can assistance individuals live lengthier, more healthy life and decrease the chance they’ll distribute the virus to somebody else. For individuals who are HIV negative, there are Food and drug administration-authorized PrEP (or pre-publicity prophylaxis) medicine that might assistance protect from an infection. HIV medicines can from time to time trigger facet outcomes. It is important to communicate with your wellness care provider just before starting up a new drugs and about facet outcomes and warnings for any medicines you get.

Can I properly test myself at property?

The OraQuick In-Residence HIV Check is the only HIV test authorized by the Food and drug administration that individuals can use to test themselves at property or in a private spot. OraQuick was authorized in 2012 for sale in outlets and on line to any individual age 17 and older.

The package does not call for sending a sample to a lab. It tests fluid from the mouth and provides success in twenty to forty minutes.

How does the OraQuick In-Residence HIV test package get the job done?

The test checks for antibodies to HIV.  Antibodies are proteins the human body helps make to combat off an an infection.

The package has a test adhere you use to swab your higher and decreased gums to gather an oral fluid sample from your mouth. The adhere is then positioned in a tube with a testing answer. Immediately after twenty to forty minutes, a single line will show up if the test is negative. Two strains indicate that HIV antibodies were detected and that you might be HIV beneficial.

If the property test is beneficial, a comply with-up laboratory test will will need to be finished to affirm the success.

If I get a beneficial end result with the OraQuick test, does that signify I definitively have HIV?

Not automatically. Far more testing finished through a lab is needed to affirm your HIV standing. Glimpse at this as a initially stage in HIV testing. Because no test is perfect, there will be some untrue beneficial success. Scientific scientific tests for self-testing have proven that the OraQuick test will generate a single untrue beneficial end result out of about every single 5,000 tests in uninfected people today.

If you get a beneficial end result, it really is really important that you comply with up on the end result with your wellness care specialist for further testing and for remedy if the an infection is verified. You can also call the OraQuick Consumer Help Center, which has counselors offered 24 hrs a working day to response thoughts and offer area referrals for comply with-up testing and care.

If I get a negative end result with the OraQuick test, does that signify that I definitively do not have HIV?

No — and this is important for users of the test to understand. The test is not responsible at detecting HIV an infection until at minimum a few months just after an infection. In addition, even just after a few months, there can also be untrue negative success because no test is perfect. Scientific scientific tests by untrained buyers showed that the OraQuick test will generate about a single untrue negative end result out of every single 12 tests carried out in HIV- infected people today. Also, people today getting drugs to deal with or stop HIV an infection might get untrue negative success because the medicines might have an effect on antibody levels. This means that it’s important not to rely on a negative test end result to make a decision no matter if to have interaction in behavior that puts you at hazard for HIV an infection.

What are other HIV test options beside a property test?

HIV tests are presented at a lot of sorts of areas which includes your wellness care provider’s business office. The CDC web site on HIV testing has information on where you can get screened, the distinct sorts of tests and what you can anticipate.