Fibromyalgia: Self-treatment ideas

Fibromyalgia signs fluctuate over time, even from working day to working day. Try these self-treatment ideas to help you cope with tricky times.

By Mayo Clinic Team

Life-style improvements and drugs can lessen the severity of fibromyalgia discomfort and exhaustion, but you can expect to in all probability nevertheless have some undesirable times. Recognizing that, you can program ahead for those people undesirable times. The pursuing ideas could help take your thoughts off the discomfort and potentially simplicity your irritation.

Place on some songs

Tunes can have a highly effective impact on moods and thoughts. Tunes also assists reduce discomfort and improve mobility.

What songs works finest? Any songs you like. So flip on some of your favourite tunes and permit the songs carry you absent.

Tunes that is embedded with delta waves — a type of brain wave — could help make improvements to your sleep.

Have a snicker

Even on hard times, it assists if you can continue to keep your sense of humor. Shell out time with people today who have a positive outlook and a wonderful sense of humor. Lease a funny motion picture or browse the comics. Laughter can help simplicity discomfort by releasing brain chemical compounds that enrich a sense of well-currently being.

Get a bathtub

Several research have seemed into balneotherapy for fibromyalgia. Balneotherapy, which means bathing to address an disease, appears to reduce discomfort and stiffness.

This is not astonishing, provided that heat drinking water assists reduce muscle rigidity, market rest and lessen discomfort. Insert to that the normally nice knowledge of currently being at a spa or a related setting.

But it really is essential not to shell out too a lot time in the bathtub, or to routinely take extensive soaks. Keeping in the tub for a extensive time could make you emphasis on how undesirable you happen to be experience, and it can truly make you really feel even worse. As an alternative glance at an occasional shorter soak in your residence tub or a spa as a address.

If visits to a spa usually are not your matter, try out developing a spa-like atmosphere at residence and have a soak in your own bathtub. Or glance for a local community centre or fitness center with a heated pool or sauna rooms.

Aware movement

Workout is regarded to be effective for people today with fibromyalgia. And, combining physical exercise with an recognition of your human body, the movements and the instant (mindfulness) could be even far more practical.

Research implies that tai chi — a follow originating in China that entails relocating the human body slowly, carefully and with recognition — could deliver a benefit to people today with fibromyalgia. Yoga and the Chinese healing artwork of qi gong, which combines meditation, managed respiration and movement workout routines, also have demonstrated promise.


Meditation entails concentrating your thoughts to fork out focus only to what is actually happening right now, this instant. If you happen to be not certain about meditation, try out paced respiration — managed respiration developed to lessen your heart level. Or listen to a CD developed to help you rest and simplicity into a far more conscious point out.

Try guided imagery

With guided imagery, you emphasis on nice visuals to switch annoying or adverse ideas. This enables you to visualize a diverse inner truth. This can be guided by a practitioner, or you can do it at residence employing a CD, DVD or telephone application.

Get a massage

Massage therapy has been widely employed as a complementary and choice procedure for fibromyalgia. Most of the research have identified that massage therapy noticeably enhances discomfort, nervousness and melancholy in people today with fibromyalgia.

But not all people finds massage practical. For some people today, massage could make their discomfort even worse.

If you would like to try out massage, come across a therapist you like and who is familiar with fibromyalgia. The massage therapist could require to commence with extremely mild massage and function up to a higher depth for your consolation.

Your medical professional, physical therapist or other health and fitness treatment providers could be able to propose reputable therapists in your area. Be certain to verify with your insurance plan program to see if massage therapy is covered.

Concentration on one thing significant to you

Volunteer for a result in you treatment about. Read to nursing residence citizens or young little ones in child treatment. Or, inquire your regional animal shelter if they require any guidance.

Concentrating on others can help take your thoughts off your signs for a small though, and you could come across the knowledge extremely gratifying.

Examine your selections

Simply because fibromyalgia can not be cured, it really is essential to have a wide variety of approaches for working with your signs. If you haven’t by now, communicate with your medical professional or other health and fitness treatment provider about nondrug self-treatment approaches.

Not all therapies will help all people, of study course. Experiment and see what works for you.