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Glenmorangie Unveils The Lighthouse Innovation Distillery

Innovation has been a buzzword in the scotch whisky world for decades. Distilleries tout their resourceful use of barrels, experimental barley kinds, and other variants as illustrations of experimentation. No one in scotch whisky has been extra forward contemplating for more time than Monthly bill Lumsden, director of whisky creation at Glenmorangie and Ardbeg. He’s the male who despatched whisky into space and one of two single malt distillers to pioneer cask finishing in the eighties and 90s. And now, with the opening of Glenmorangie’s new innovation distillery, The Lighthouse, Lumsden will have the possibility to convey his wildest imaginings to existence.

“The elegance of this plant is that it’ll permit me trial these issues,” Lumsden suggests, outlining that many tips couldn’t be tried using out on Glenmorangie’s most important stills mainly because of the distillery’s limited manufacturing agenda.

The Lighthouse sits at the heart of Glenmorangie’s historic web page but is plainly set aside. It rises numerous tales larger than the surrounding structures, the stillroom paneled on all sides in modern glass. The Lighthouse has been outfitted with state-of-the-artwork tools that enables customization and practically infinite tinkering at each action of the whisky-creating method. It is considerably further than what a regular scotch distillery can do.

Inside of the Mad Scientist’s Lab

It commences with the first action: milling the grain. The Lighthouse will be equipped to method not just malted barley, but a selection of grain kinds. It’ll even method non-grain substances, which Lumsden suggests he’s eager to work with. A stress cooker and variable mash tun make it possible for for extra adaptability at the mashing phase.

The activity of yeast is the first key building block of taste for whisky. Lumsden wrote his doctoral thesis on fermentation science, so in a natural way The Lighthouse will give him many applications in this arena. Fermentation usually takes put in temperature-controlled washbacks, which are popular in other whisky industries but strange in Scotland. Manipulating the temperature will make it possible for Lumsden to ferment for more time times—a week, two, possibly extra. It will convey out supplemental flavors and elevated complexity in the whisky. “I’m hoping to produce a total selection of new and exciting flavors,” he suggests, noting that fermentation will be the first detail he performs about with.

Matters get extra appealing in the stillhouse. “The stills have lots of bells and whistles on them,” Lumsden suggests. “I have the ability to produce a total selection of distinct models of spirit—not just Glenmorangie’s classic, floral, sensitive design and style, but a much extra whole-bodied design and style.” Diverse factors, like the capacity to regulate reflux and two distinct kinds of condenser, find the money for Lumsden massive adaptability when designing new whiskies.

Growing the frontiers of whisky

Lumsden has been experimenting for in excess of a quarter century at Glenmorangie. He designed whiskies like Signet, which pushed the boundaries of the tightly regulated scotch sector through its use of heavily roasted chocolate malt. Lumsden experienced to persuade the notoriously finicky Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) that Signet satisfied the rigorous qualifications of single malt. He may perhaps effectively have to do the exact for long term creations from The Lighthouse.

He’s completely ready. “[My manager Thomas Moradpour, president and CEO of The Glenmorangie Business,] possibly thinks if I really do not tangle with the SWA then I’m not being as prosperous as I could be,” Lumsden suggests.

Dr. Monthly bill Lumsden in the stomach of The Lighthouse.
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In addition to experimenting with yeast and fermentation, Lumsden will engage in about with substances further than malted barley. Not just other cereal grains, but even non-grains like fruits, vegetables, and extra. He may perhaps work with peat as effectively, although he suggests, “It’s not going to be at the prime of my record for the time being.” Lumsden has no shortage of tips. “Inspiration arrives fundamentally from anywhere and everywhere you go,” he suggests. “I’ve bought a very vivid creativeness. My creativeness generally runs away from me and lands me in hassle.”

Despite the fact that he turned 60 final calendar year, Lumsden has no plans of retiring, specifically with The Lighthouse at his disposal. “The advent of this distillery is something that will maintain me completely fascinated and intrigued for many decades to come,” he suggests. “Frankly, the prospect of retiring fills me with dread and horror. I’d like to feel I’ll be about for a couple extra decades.”

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