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Hepatitis B Foundation: Hepatitis B Blood Tests

iStock 80254013 MEDIUMThe “Hepatitis B Panel” of Blood Checks

Only a single sample of blood is needed for a hepatitis B blood examination, but the “Hepatitis B Panel” incorporates 3 components. All 3 examination benefits are needed to totally understand no matter if a person is contaminated or not. Beneath is an rationalization of the 3-part “Hepatitis B Panel” of blood examination benefits.

  1. HBsAg (Hepatitis B area antigen) – A “beneficial” or “reactive” HBsAg examination consequence usually means that the person is contaminated with hepatitis B. This examination can detect the precise presence of the hepatitis B virus (referred to as the “surface antigen”) in your blood. If a person checks “positive,” then even more testing is needed to identify if this is a new “acute” infection or a “chronic” hepatitis B infection. A beneficial HBsAg examination consequence usually means that you are contaminated and can distribute the hepatitis B virus to others through your blood.
  2. anti-HBs or HBsAb (Hepatitis B area antibody) – A “beneficial” or “reactive” anti-HBs (or HBsAb) examination consequence implies that a person is secured from the hepatitis B virus. This protection can be the consequence of obtaining the hepatitis B vaccine or efficiently recovering from a earlier hepatitis B infection. This examination is not routinely incorporated in blood lender screenings. A beneficial anti-HBs (or HBsAb) examination consequence usually means you are “immune” and secured from the hepatitis B virus and are unable to be contaminated. You are not contaminated and are unable to distribute hepatitis B to others.
  3. anti-HBc or HBcAb (Hepatitis B main antibody) – A “beneficial” or “reactive” anti-HBc (or HBcAb) examination consequence implies a earlier or latest hepatitis B infection. The main antibody does not provide any protection from the hepatitis B virus (compared with the area antibody described above). This examination can only be totally recognized by knowing the benefits of the initially two checks (HBsAg and anti-HBs). A beneficial anti-HBc (or HBcAb) examination consequence demands conversing to your well being care company for a complete rationalization of your hepatitis B status.