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How Many Layers Is Your Face Mask?

News Picture: More Layers Are Better With Homemade Face Masks

FRIDAY, July 24, 2020

When it arrives to do-it-yourself confront masks, two or 3 levels of cloth is finest, scientists say.

That is what you need to hold droplets from your nose and mouth from spreading the virus, the Australian experts identified.

Many forms of product have been suggested for building masks, but there is little or no proof of how productive they are, the group noted.

For the study, the scientists in comparison one- and double-layer cotton confront masks (with a thread count of 170 per inch) with a 3-ply surgical confront mask.

The one-layer mask was manufactured from a folded cotton T-shirt and the double-layer mask was manufactured making use of the stitching system recommended by the U.S. Facilities for Illness Regulate and Avoidance.

The conclusions were being posted on the net July 23 in the journal Thorax.

A video clip recording showed that the 3-ply surgical mask was the most productive, but even a one-layer mask decreased the spread of droplets.

And the double-layer mask was greater than a one-layer mask, the scientists reported in a journal news release.

Success might also rely on other components, which include the product utilized, style and fit, and how usually the mask is washed, according to C. Raina MacIntyre, of the Biosecurity Study System at the Kirby Institute at University of New South Wales, and colleagues.

“Guidelines on residence-manufactured cloth masks ought to stipulate various levels,” the scientists concluded. “There is a need for extra proof to notify safer cloth mask style, and nations ought to ensure sufficient manufacturing or procurement of surgical masks.”

— Steven Reinberg

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Source: Thorax, news release, July 23, 2020