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‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence Is Attempting 100 Consecutive Ironmans

Five many years in the past, James Lawrence did the difficult. Above the training course of 50 times, the stamina athlete done 50 consecutive Ironmans. If you’re not common with triathlons, that is a 2.4-mile swim, 112-mile bike journey, topped off with a whole 26.2-mile marathon. The exertion landed him in the Guinness Environment Information with numerous achievements that have not been touched because. That is right up until now: Lawrence is trying the difficult once again, whilst this time he’s doubling it. That is ideal, he’s aiming to full a hundred consecutive Ironmans this time. “I did not consider seventy five appeared tough ample,” Lawrence tells Men’s Journal, when questioned how he finally arrived to the quantity. The phrase is said with the no-nonsense attitude and steely concentration that is attained him the moniker the Iron Cowboy. “And since why not?”



Lawrence is currently in the midst of the Hurculean exertion in his residence condition of Utah, surrounded by his team—wife, Sunny, and five youngsters. We spoke with the Iron Cowboy about how he’s instruction, recovering, and being mentally suit to full the Conquer a hundred obstacle.

How ‘Iron Cowboy’ James Lawrence Prepped to Deal with a hundred Consecutive Ironmans

Men’s Journal: How did the plan of the Conquer a hundred start off?

James Lawrence: I’d say I initial thought of it two many years in the past. My overall body was finding to a spot exactly where it was entirely recovered from the 50 try. I was starting to crave one thing new—something even larger. Now that I’d attained the 50, doing much more turned doable. On reflection we begun to see some of the logistical and instruction mistakes we made. There had been crystal clear items we could put into practice to press the boundaries additional.

What type of a bodily toll did 50 Ironmans get on your overall body?

There was a tear in my shoulder I had to offer with only five times in. I produced serious tendinitis in my legs, as very well as foot blistering and toenail loss. I imagine I shed 6 of my ten toenails around the training course of it. I was enduring overall body deterioration through, but you just had to find out to offer with it. You find out how to handle ache. The largest fallout I dealt with was completely numb fingers and toes following finishing. It almost certainly took me 6 months, if not a calendar year, for me to get that sensation again. And now that I have it again, I’m equipped to get again out there and try one thing outrageous once again.