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Is a High-Fat Diet Best for Runners and Endurance Athletes?

Masking 26.2 miles is amazing no make a difference how fast you operate, but all those who excel have a mystery weapon: the ability to melt away fat for gas. Experts at Shanghai College of Sport followed elite male runners in their 20s and 30s prior to and following jogging a sub-a few-hour marathon. Their metabolism of carbs and fat amplified put up-race, showing their bodies can change from utilizing easily accessible carbs to more durable-to-tap lipids for power. That matters simply because your body can only retail outlet so quite a few carbs, which is why quite a few runners “bonk” around Mile twenty. To make the change, beneath-gas yourself with carbs on long schooling runs, forcing your body to tap into fat reserves for power, and contemplate a higher-fat diet.

In a independent examine, having a higher-fat diet of seventy one p.c fat (like the keto diet) for 6 months led to a fifty p.c increase in elite runners’ ability to metabolize fat.

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