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Is the ‘Love Hormone’ Key to Treating COVID-19?

FRIDAY, Oct. nine, 2020

The so-referred to as love hormone, oxytocin, may well be worth investigating as a therapy for COVID-19, a new examine indicates.

One of the most major difficulties of an infection with the new coronavirus is a “cytokine storm,” in which the overall body assaults its possess tissues.

There are at this time no U.S. Food stuff and Drug Administration-authorized remedies for COVID-19, which suggests that “repurposing existing medicines that can act on the adaptive immune reaction and reduce the cytokine storm in early phases of the disorder is a priority,” according to the scientists.

Previous study indicates that oxytocin — a hormone that’s manufactured in the brain and is concerned in copy and childbirth — lowers irritation.

In this new examine, researcher Ali Imami, a graduate study assistant at the University of Toledo in Ohio, and colleagues used a U.S. National Institutes of Well being databases to evaluate qualities of genes addressed with medicines closely relevant to oxytocin.

The investigators identified that one particular drug in certain, carbetocin, has very similar qualities (referred to as a signature) to genes with reduced expression of the inflammatory markers that bring about cytokine storm in COVID-19 people.

Carbetocin’s signature indicates that the drug may well bring about activation of immune cells referred to as T-cells that perform an essential position in immune reaction. In addition, carbetocin’s signature is also very similar to that of lopinavir, an antiretroviral medicine below examine as a therapy for COVID-19.

All of these components indicate that oxytocin may well have potential as a focused therapy for cytokine storms in COVID-19 people, the scientists mentioned in a information launch from the American Physiological Society.

“Knowing the mechanisms by which oxytocin or the oxytocin technique can be a new immune target is very important,” the authors concluded in their report, which was printed on line just lately in the journal Physiological Genomics.

Having said that, they additional that “safety and efficacy of intravenous oxytocin in hospitalized people with COVID-19 remains to be assessed.”

— Robert Preidt

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