Key Differences between Drug Abuse and Drug Addiction – Learn When to Stop

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The drug is the main culprit behind many destroyed lives and families. When a person starts to take an unprescribed drug, medicine, or any other substances, soon they start to fall under the trap of addiction. But this process happens gradually as at first, in order to get addicted to a substance, the person will go through a phase called drug abuse.

Now, most common people use drug abuse and drug addiction interchangeably but these two terms are vastly different from each other. If you or a close one is suffering from drug issues, then it’s vital that you get familiar with these terms as it can create a huge impact in saving someone’s life. When it comes to drug addiction, the person will need medical assistance from sublocade treatment centers. But in the case of drug abuse, the person can stop their habit before it gets too serious.

How to figure out if a person is going through drug abuse?

Even though these terms are different but in both situations, the person cannot quit the substance that easily or at all. But with some support, help, and counseling, people who suffer from drug abuse can quit their habit. That’s why identifying drug abuse is very crucial.  And here are some of the questions to ask yourself in order to know if you are suffering from drug abuse referred by suboxone treatment doctors:

  • How am I doing in my school or at work?
  • How much time am I spending with my family and loved ones?
  • How am I treating my close ones?
  • Did I face criminal or any illegal charges because of the use?
  • Am I going through the trouble of using drugs?
  • How often do I think about using drugs all throughout the day?

If all the answers to these questions are negative, then you are most probably doing drug abuse and soon be on the verge of drug addiction. Taking suboxone treatment might not be necessary but can help overcome drug abuse.

How to figure out if a person is going through drug abuse?

Now that you have understood the tell-tales of drug abuse, you also need to grasp the signs of drug addiction. Many drug addicts often deny getting treatment by using the term drug abuse as an excuse. Such people either understand the gravity of their situation or they are just in denial or they don’t have enough means to pay for sublocade price. And to identify, how much deep they are in drug addiction, below are some of the sign of drug addiction:

  • Having intense withdrawal symptoms when the body is deprived of a particular drug of choice
  • Having to use more quantity of a drug of choice to experience the same ecstasy as the first time.
  • Lack of interest in hobbies, exploring things that the person was once passionate about.
  • Getting disconnected from friends, family, and close ones.
  • Constantly trying to get high by using different types of substances.
  • Ignoring all the health issues of their addiction and living in denial.

If you are experiencing any of these three symptoms, ten you should start searching for “suboxone treatment near me” to get immediate medical assistance. As the more drugs, you will use the more your body will become accustomed to it, which will later lead to a drug overdose.

Addiction isn’t something that happens overnight, it takes time to build up a habit so acute. With each passing day, the body starts to build a tolerance to drugs, and then the bodily symptoms come out. Signs like:

  • Sleep apnea, waking up at the unusual hour and feeling laziness through the day
  • Changes in eating habits, loss of appetite, or increased hunger
  • Twisting the jaw back and forth frequently
  • Swollen face and redness
  • Sweating increasingly, vomiting, and getting nauseous without any reason
  • Denying to get help from suboxone doctors near me
  • Extreme hyperactivity in talking, moving, and thinking
  • Red, puffy, and water eyes with dilated pupil
  • Poor control over physical coordination, staggering and slowed walking

If you see any of these bodily symptoms in your family member or even in yourself, then denying your problem won’t happen for long. As when these bodily symptoms start to come out, you might be on the verge of overdose.

Fighting with addiction is not easy but it can be simplified by investing in a good rehab facility and in sublocade cost. Sublocade, suboxone, or any other medication like that can help with the withdrawal phase as well. So if you are afraid of the consequences that are bound to come after leaving drugs, you won’t have to anymore. These withdrawal symptoms won’t last and in the end, you’ll get to get your normal life back.