Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan Discuss Staying Fit and Healthy at Any Age

As you get more mature, typical conditioning looks to be a person of the initial issues to slip. Maybe you are too occupied, too weary, too stressed––the record of excuses goes on. However, a person excuse that is simply not true is that you are too aged.

Whilst nobody said receiving more mature is easy––especially when it comes to sustaining fitness––there are countless examples of more mature athletes who defy their age and continue undertaking at a high stage. Two key examples are Laird Hamilton and Joe Rogan. Whilst the two males are in their 50s, schooling and conditioning remain at the forefront of their concentration.

In this 10-moment video, the two discuss the great importance of being in good shape as you get more mature, suggestions for being inspired, and why saying that you are “too aged to workout” is not true.

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