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Macallan’s Double Cask Whiskies Are Crowd-Friendly Delights

The new Double Cask scotch whisky releases from The Macallan are amazing sequels to a modest but promising 2016 release. Double Cask fifteen and eighteen are even larger, superior immediate classics. Right before we can communicate about these new bottles, we have to have to discuss the Double Cask line, and how it compares to Macallan’s other bottles.

Macallan has been acknowledged for European sherry casks. The distillery’s common “sherry bomb” character depends of freshly emptied ex-sherry casks produced of European oak to layer nutty, syrupy sweet flavors of fig and prune, chocolate and baking spice. That’s the character of the whiskies that have grow to be legendary in the collectors industry, occasionally earning above $one million for each bottle at auction.

More than the past ten years, Macallan has added selection to its range in the kind of new oak resources. It very first produced the Great Oak series (a mix of sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks, additionally the addition of some ex-bourbon casks) and additional just lately, the model debuted the Double Cask line, which very first appeared in 2016 with the release of Double Cask 12-12 months.

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With two new releases in the Double Cask series, we can eventually see the real likely of this line.

Double Cask fifteen 12 months is a brilliantly structured whiskey. The fruit-forward character demonstrates hints of apple and peach brulee, ahead of using a decidedly tropical convert and showing lemon, mango, and pineapple toward the end, with a hint of dry ginger spice.

Double Cask eighteen 12 months is decidedly additional common of a Macallan sherry profile. A several tropical notes are continue to present in the nose, but when this hits the palate, it’s a melange of baking spices and candied fruits and nuts. Toffee-covered fruit cake can take on a delicate gingerbread aesthetic, and individuals two notes duke it out for all fifteen rounds of a prolonged end.

Short of the affordably priced (and non-age stated) Edition series, the eighteen 12 months whisky is a single of the ideal factors this author thinks Macallan’s created for the public at big in a long time. At $330, it’s a attain to say this is an day to day bottle buy (the fifteen 12 months, at $one hundred thirty five, is delightful and shouldn’t be neglected). But this new eighteen is a definite group pleaser, and at 86 evidence, it’s precisely the type of comprehensive-bodied dram that everyone in the place will want a different pour of.

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