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Manganese – Consumer

This is a reader-helpful overview of Manganese. For much more facts, see our health professional truth sheet on Manganese.

What is manganese and what does it do?

Manganese is a mineral that your overall body demands to stay balanced. Your overall body works by using manganese to make electricity and secure your cells from destruction. Your overall body also demands manganese for solid bones, copy, blood clotting, and a balanced immune system.

How substantially manganese do I need?

The volume of manganese you need relies upon on your age and sex. Ordinary everyday encouraged quantities are stated down below in milligrams (mg).

Daily life Stage Proposed Amount of money
Beginning to six months .003 mg
Infants 7–12 months .six mg
Children 1–3 decades one.2 mg
Children 4–8 decades one.five mg
Boys 9–13 decades one.9 mg
Ladies 9–13 decades one.six mg
Teenager boys 14–18 decades 2.2 mg
Teenager girls 14–18 decades one.six mg
Grownup adult men 2.three mg
Grownup women one.8 mg
Pregnant teenagers and women 2. mg
Breastfeeding teenagers and women 2.six mg


What meals deliver manganese?

Numerous meals have manganese. You can get encouraged quantities of manganese by feeding on a assortment of meals, including the following:

  • Whole grains, these as brown rice, oatmeal, and full-wheat bread
  • Clams, oysters, and mussels
  • Nuts, these as hazelnuts and pecans
  • Legumes, these as soybeans and lentils
  • Leafy vegetables, these as spinach and kale
  • Some fruits, these as pineapple and blueberries
  • Tea
  • Numerous spices, these as black pepper

What types of manganese nutritional nutritional supplements are available?

Manganese is available in many multivitamin/multimineral and other nutritional nutritional supplements. Supplements have many sorts of manganese, these as manganese sulfate and manganese aspartate. Scientists really don’t know no matter whether any form of manganese in nutritional supplements is better than any other form.

Am I getting adequate manganese?

Most folks in the United States get adequate manganese from the meals they try to eat.

What happens if I do not get adequate manganese?

Manganese deficiency is very uncommon in the United States. A deficiency might lead to the following symptoms:

  • Weak bones and lousy progress in young children
  • Pores and skin rashes and reduction of hair color in adult men
  • Temper adjustments and even worse premenstrual discomfort than standard in women

What are some results of manganese on health?

Scientists are finding out manganese to realize how it impacts health. Here are some illustrations of what this exploration has proven.

Bone health
You need manganese in mixture with other minerals and vitamins for balanced bone development. But much more exploration is desired to realize the position of manganese in retaining or bettering bone health.

Diabetic issues
You need manganese to enable split down the starches and sugars that you try to eat. But its impact on the hazard of diabetes is unknown. A lot more exploration is desired to realize no matter whether manganese plays a position in the progress of diabetes.

Can manganese be harmful?

Studies have not proven any damage from the manganese in food stuff and drinks. But some folks have made manganese toxicity by consuming h2o made up of very large levels of manganese. Yet another lead to of manganese toxicity is inhaling huge quantities of manganese dust from welding or mining get the job done.

The symptoms of manganese toxicity involve tremors, muscle mass spasms, hearing difficulties, mania, sleeplessness, despair, reduction of hunger, complications, irritability, weak point, and temper adjustments.

People need to not consume much more manganese than the higher boundaries from food stuff, drinks, or nutritional nutritional supplements except if their health care provider suggests undertaking this.

The everyday higher boundaries for manganese involve intakes from all sources—food, drinks, and supplements—and are stated down below.

Ages Higher Restrict
Beginning to six months Not established
Infants 7–12 months Not established
Children 1–3 decades 2 mg
Children 4–8 decades three mg
Children 9–13 decades six mg
Teenagers 14–18 decades 9 mg
Grown ups eleven mg
Pregnant and breastfeeding teenagers 9 mg
Pregnant and breastfeeding grown ups eleven mg


Does manganese interact with remedies or other nutritional nutritional supplements?

Manganese is not regarded to interact or interfere with any medicines.

Convey to your health care provider, pharmacist, and other health care vendors about any nutritional nutritional supplements and prescription or around-the-counter medicines you acquire. They can explain to you if the nutritional nutritional supplements might interact with your medicines or if the medicines might interfere with how your overall body absorbs, works by using, or breaks down nutrients, these as manganese.

Manganese and healthful feeding on

People need to get most of their nutrients from food stuff and drinks, according to the federal government’s Nutritional Recommendations for Us citizens. Meals have vitamins, minerals, nutritional fiber, and other elements that reward health. In some circumstances, fortified meals and nutritional nutritional supplements are valuable when it is not doable to satisfy demands for a person or much more nutrients (e.g., all through certain everyday living levels these as being pregnant). For much more information about constructing a balanced nutritional sample, see the Nutritional Recommendations for Us citizensexternal link disclaimer and the U.S. Section of Agriculture’s MyPlate.external link disclaimer

The place can I locate out much more about manganese?

  • For much more information about manganese:
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  • For guidance on deciding on nutritional nutritional supplements:
  • For information about constructing a balanced nutritional sample:


This truth sheet by the Office environment of Nutritional Supplements (ODS) offers information that need to not acquire the location of medical guidance. We motivate you to chat to your health care vendors (health care provider, registered dietitian, pharmacist, and many others.) about your curiosity in, concerns about, or use of nutritional nutritional supplements and what may be greatest for your over-all health. Any point out in this publication of a certain product or service or support, or recommendation from an group or professional culture, does not depict an endorsement by ODS of that product or service, support, or expert guidance.

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