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Mapping Out Muscle Gain | Breaking Muscle


In this episode, I reveal particularly how I believe you really should prepare to make the most muscle mass doable. I reveal what anabolic resistance is and why it suggests you will have to change your training approach to keep increasing.



I identify the 3 essential phases of training, P.B.S. for brief:


  1. Primer
  2. Constructing
  3. Solidification


And, I will share particularly how to structure and sequence each individual phase to improve your effects.


This sequence is the specific framework I have utilized myself and with my clients to get in photoshoot condition.


I am launching the P.B.S. framework as a 21-7 days on line coaching software in January 2021. The software is named T21.


If you’re intrigued in becoming a member of the T21 coaching software and doing the job with me, then study on.


If you listen to the close of the episode, you are going to also listen to an remarkable announcement about how you can get access to a exclusive price cut to work with me to layout your training plans in the T21 coaching software making use of the P.B.S. framework.


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E-mail me: [email protected]


To get access to the T21 price cut. Doors close for the initial T21 ingestion on the 1st of January 2021. So, really do not overlook out!


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