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Mehcad Brooks on Eating 12,000 Calories a Day for ‘Mortal Kombat’

Mehcad Brooks was presently in the health and fitness center getting to be the Earthrealm supersoldier Jax just before he was even formally supplied the job in Warner Bros’ approaching reboot of Mortal Kombat. The actor was a extensive-time supporter of the classic preventing video clip activity being adapted in Simon McQuoid’s movie, and as a believer of visualization, he would only settle for one attainable outcome. Son of an NFL huge receiver, and a former All-State basketball participant himself, he’s no stranger to placing the further energy to get a position finished.



Individuals attempts ended up not in vain: He nabbed the job, and the momentum ongoing. Brooks worked with trainer Andrew Scutch to place on 35 lbs . of muscle on his hulking frame with hefty lifting and voracious ingesting. That physicality put together with intensive boxing drills gave him the equipment essential to portray a human able of shielding Earth from Outworld monsters. Men’s Journal spoke with the actor about grueling exercise sessions, ingesting like a caveman, and discovering Jax at Burning Male.

Men’s Journal: How did you come to feel when you had a shot at actively playing Jax in a new film adaption of Mortal Kombat?

Mehcad Brooks: The actuality I was up for the job was surreal, because I’ve been actively playing this activity considering that I was a child. I was leaving Supergirl and understood that I desired to do anything completely distinctive. So when I read about this possibility I dropped almost everything that I was accomplishing, and went into the health and fitness center. I understood that I had to be this person. I know that appears mad. I did not want to give them a solitary justification not to give me the portion, and I felt like it was meant to be. That was not conceitedness, but my whole coronary heart was invested in getting the final result I desired. I know persons are in all probability scratching their heads at the strategy that somebody would place on twenty lbs . of muscle for a job they may not get, but yeah, that is what I did.

The moment you received the job, how did you begin to create the character?

I’m a Burner. I’ve been to Burning Male five occasions, and it lined up as I was getting ready for the film, so I made use of that Burning Male practical experience to uncover Jax on a further stage. I know what it does for my psyche, consciousness, and focus. I commenced by changing my playa identify to Jax when I was there. I’d presently acquired twenty lbs . at the time. I took off my gas mask that persons don to defend from the dust, because I imagined Jax does not don any mask. I used a lot of time out in the desert by myself. What greater way to hook up with a person who’s finished a number of tours in the desert than go out into the desert, stripping oneself down to the bare bones.

He’s the baddest dude the army has to offer—the variety of person they’d mail to chase down monsters and intergalactic ninjas. He’s not specifically a excellent person we’re lucky he picked Earthrealm to fight for. In the course of that time, the visualizations I manufactured about being Jax ended up coming to fruition. I would be on set actively playing him in a make any difference of weeks at that place, which was a bit of an out-of-body practical experience.

How did you begin to create the physicality for Jax?

I uncovered an impression of Jax on the internet I imagined I’d be in a position to obtain. I woke up every day and visualized this one scene where by I’m preventing Sub-Zero from the audition for fifteen minutes. Even when my body was exhausted, I did not give into exhaustion, I just pushed more difficult. I saw my highest prospective. I saw the optimized variation of myself in my head, and I worked tricky every solitary day to get there. I have a trainer I perform with out of Los Angeles named Andrew Schuth. This person is a beast. I believe my 1st time performing with him I just about vomited. I had to place ice on my wrists and on my neck. That is who we’re dealing with right here. I worked out at every health and fitness center I could. For this job, he created a bespoke exercise where by we did hefty fat and a ton of reps. I’d comply with that with speedy-twitch movements and plyometrics.

What would you say was the most grueling?

I wouldn’t wish individuals exercise sessions on my worst enemy. I was stumbling out of the health and fitness center, at times crawling. He’d make me operate entire speed on the treadmill even though accomplishing jabs with twenty five-pound dumbbells, then place the weights down and operate entire speed with the incline up, adopted by a further minute with the incline back again down. And that is just one set. That is when you believe about killing him. But you begin looking at effects in days. That is what will make you post to it.

Did you prepare even though you ended up filming as very well?

There ended up days where by I’d have a twelve-hour shoot, then box for two hrs, hitting the health and fitness center for two hrs, then stunt rehearsal for an hour. There ended up weeks at a time where by I was only getting about 4 hrs of rest, but I was continue to transferring. I was accomplishing almost everything. If I was getting on a plane, I’d be curling my suitcase.

Boxing is a large portion of Jax’s preventing fashion in the activity. How did you like coaching in the ring?

I uncovered I was seriously slow because I’d place on so a great deal fat, and transferring all of that torso will take a lot extra strength. I commenced viewing old movies of Mike Tyson and Joe Frazier every evening. I took their kinds and blended that in with how Jax moved in the video clip online games. He bounces a lot, then just about does a little shimmy when he’s coming in. I’d choose movies of myself to test on my progress. I loved getting to observe legends for perform, and using that in what I introduced to the character.

What did your food plan glimpse like even though you ended up prepping for this job?

I was ingesting vegan just before I commenced coaching for the job, and went to perhaps ingesting the equivalent of 50 % a cow a day. I believe as a state we definitely overeat meat. We ordinarily really don’t enjoy animals, and aren’t replenishing the earth in the destinations we’re using from. I’m all for persons making no matter what decisions they want with food plan, even so our ancestors ended up hunters, gathers, and scavengers.

That implies they ate a lot of fruits, veggies, and nuts, but also every now and then they’d gorge by themselves on meat. So that is the food plan I went with—where I’d eat one animal protein for a week. That could mean I’d be ingesting a lot of lamb, or wherever from twelve to sixteen chickens above the program of the pursuing week.

What did a sample day of ingesting glimpse like for you?

I was accomplishing vegan protein shakes all day, correct from the begin. Earlier in the day I’d do somewhere involving twelve and eighteen eggs. If I was ingesting rooster that week, I’d do 4 to 6 breasts, normally with veggies. I’d reduce the carbs somewhere all around five p.m. in the night. I did not have a fall of liquor throughout the whole course of action.

How did you come to feel even though you ended up ingesting like that?

I felt like a caveman. It was variety of like the most hardcore paleo food plan you ever read of, and I ended up with a caveman body. I felt terrific and received astounding effects when put together with the perform I was accomplishing. It is not anything I’d sustain, because it is costly and I was ingesting somewhere all around twelve,000 energy a day.

Did choose nutritional supplement your food plan with anything else?

I was using these elixirs called Black Root Tonic, that are manufactured-to-get. They’re outstanding. They have all these further components and minerals you need. I’ve ongoing with them considering that.

Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Jax has a extremely unforgettable glimpse in the activity, starting up with his bionic arms. What was it like being on set and being in the costuming?

The 1st time you get in costume is the 1st time you absolutely embody the character. Jax’s costume was not all that sophisticated. It is utilitarian and army. He has to be in a position to move in it. If shit hits the supporter, he has to seize the sawed-off shotgun and be in a position to roll quickly. I simply cannot get as well deep into how the bionic arms arrived collectively, but it is a lot of perform. I try to uncover the exciting in almost everything, even if it implies I need to be at set three hrs just before I ordinarily would. I’ve noticed the film. It is incredible—and my arms glimpse outstanding.

Did any of the overcome strength appear by means of in the way anyone carried by themselves on set?

The only encounter-off I can communicate about is with Sub-Zero, who’s performed by an outstanding actor, Joe Taslim. In Hollywood there are only two actors the camera division asks to slow their movements down because it is as well speedy for the lens to capture: Bruce Lee and Joe Taslim. I’m individually not fucking all around with Joe Taslim. You know what I’m saying? I’ve hardly ever noticed anybody move that speedy. It is like viewing Michael Jackson dance up close. That is what it is like to observe Joe do fight choreography. Carrying out fight sequences with him manufactured me raise my own private activity. Did I walk on to set pondering I could choose on Joe Taslim? No. Did I go away set pondering I could choose down Joe Taslim? No. Would I place on revenue on anybody else but Joe Taslim? No.

How did you come to feel about the astounding response to the pink-band trailer?

It is almost everything I could want. I felt if one of the trailers was heading to do greater, then it was heading to be the pink-band trailer because of the character of the fandom inside of Mortal Kombat. Nobody who performs Mortal Kombat just needs to knock somebody out. They want to rip their hearts out. That is what the film gives them. People might be skeptical, but I genuinely feel this is the biggest film adaptation of a video clip activity ever. I saw what I saw in that film theater. This will be the new benchmark.

Presented the film is a achievements at the box office, which seems most likely, would you be down to place on the arms once again to engage in Jax?

I come to feel like I am Jax. There is a lot of really like for these people, and for several persons this will be the 1st time they see these people be autonomous. We worked till we bled. We pushed by means of our own fears and imposter syndromes. We really like these people. We essential to deliver it house, for the fandom and for ourselves. I’ll have him with me permanently.

Mortal Kombat premieres in theaters and on HBOMax on April 23rd.


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