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Memento Mori: A Simple Practice for a Complex Time

There is almost nothing more sure in lifetime than the certainty of dying. It really is the fantastic equalizer of the globe, and it is blind – no subject if a human being is wealthy or bad, healthy or harmful, great or negative, wise or ignorant, any sentient remaining that experiences lifetime will have to also experience dying. It behooves any person who wishes to increase themself to be aware of dying and one’s mortality.


Memento Mori: A Simple Practice for a Complex Time - Fitness, fitness, meditation, motivation, focus, ego, mind-body connection, self confidence, inspiration, procrastination, mindfullness, goal planning, Life Challenges, fitness motivation, stoicism



Does That Appear Somber?

It does not have to be if you have the ideal mindset. You can choose to stay in relative consolation, prevent most pitfalls of hurt, believe the story is unheroically about you, and arrive on death’s shore rather safe and sound and intact, unmarred by the labor of fantastic pursuits in services to a bring about higher than your existence.


At the same time, you are experiencing the burden of regret for never figuring out the legitimate extent of your capabilities.


On the other hand, you can choose to depart guiding a legacy defined by a lifetime lived with deep goal, meaning, ethical character, convictions, compassion, and braveness, strong sufficient to encourage people today very long after your flesh and bones return to dust and particulate silence.


Countless people today in the course of human history have reflected on dying as a way to experience lifetime and stay it to their fullest prospective. The exercise has experienced a lot of names in a lot of languages over the millennia, but these days it’s most generally referred to as Memento Mori.


A Transient Historical past of Memento Mori

Memento Mori translates to, “Bear in mind, you will have to die.” The exercise has a really very long history that crosses cultures, continents, religions, and philosophies: from the historical philosophers of Greece to Roman generals, Buddhist monks to Islamic Sufis – meditation on dying allowed them all to go after lifetime.


In Plato’s Phaedo, the fantastic philosopher Socrates states right before he is about to die:


 “…he who has lived as a legitimate philosopher has motive to be of great cheer when he is about to die, and that after dying he may hope to acquire the finest great in the other globe…For I deem that the legitimate disciple of philosophy is most likely to be misunderstood by other adult males they do not perceive that he is ever pursuing dying and dying…”


The illustration that Socrates established in the course of his lifetime and right before his execution would depart a long lasting legacy on the entirety of Western civilization and lead to the start of a lot of distinctive educational facilities of philosophy.


A single faculty in individual – Stoicism – getting very well-recognized as a useful faculty of philosophy that stressed the significance of contemplating dying. The surviving writings of the historical Stoics are loaded with admonitions to don’t forget dying and the three most very well-recognized Stoics:



  1. The slave, Epictetus
  2. The Roman statesman, Seneca
  3. The Roman Emperor, Marcus Aurelius


All have a thing to say about dying.


“All that you see will before long perish those who witness this perishing will before long perish themselves. Die in severe aged age or die right before your time – it will all be the same.”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.33


“Keep the prospect of dying, exile and all such clear tragedies right before you each and every day – in particular dying – and you will never have an abject thought, or wish anything to excess.”

– Epictetus, Enchiridion, 21


I am endeavoring to stay each and every day as if it had been a entire lifetime. I do not in truth snatch it up as if it had been my past I do regard it, on the other hand, as if it may even be my past. The existing letter is prepared to you with this in intellect as if dying had been about to call me absent in the really act of creating. I am ready to depart, and I shall get pleasure from lifetime just mainly because I am not over-anxious as to the foreseeable future day of my departure.”

– Seneca, Letters From a Stoic, Letter sixty one


The historical Romans also practiced the contemplation of dying, Memento Mori remaining a Latin phrase.


Memento Mori comes from a Roman custom in which a common would choose element in a triumphal procession via the city, upon returning to Rome after a sizeable victory. To be the matter of such a march was a fantastic honor and the wish of a lot of ambitious troopers.


As the triumphant common was carried via the city in his horse-drawn chariot to the fantastic applause and praise of the people today of Rome, a slave would stand guiding him, keeping a crown over his head and whispering, “Respice article te. Hominem te memento. Memento mori!”


“Look guiding you. Bear in mind you are mortal. Bear in mind you will have to die!”


This custom was an opportunity for the common to throw a grand celebration, and it allowed him some self-advertising, which could arrive in handy should really he decide to run for political place of work sometime. It really is a little bit difficult functioning for place of work when nobody’s listened to of you, after all.


The goal of the slave whispering in his ear was to continue to keep the general’s moi and perspective in check in the course of the overall celebration, lest he forgets himself and does a thing disgraceful and offensive to the gods.


Memento Mori: A Simple Practice for a Complex Time - Fitness, fitness, meditation, motivation, focus, ego, mind-body connection, self confidence, inspiration, procrastination, mindfullness, goal planning, Life Challenges, fitness motivation, stoicism


A number of hundred many years afterwards, in the course of the late Middle Ages, Memento Mori experienced developed into an artwork design and style recognized as Danse Macabre or the Dance of Demise.


At this place in history, Europe experienced just been devastated by the Black Demise pandemic, with the most fatalities ever recorded in human history dying was on everyone’s intellect.


The Danse Macabre was a meditation on the universality of dying: no subject how wealthy or how bad just one is, dying comes for us all.


The artwork would generally characteristic a personification of dying (a skeleton or corpse) major people today from distinctive stations in lifetime – ordinarily a pope, king, emperor, laborer, and youngster – in a dance to their graves.


Memento Mori: A Simple Practice for a Complex Time - Fitness, fitness, meditation, motivation, focus, ego, mind-body connection, self confidence, inspiration, procrastination, mindfullness, goal planning, Life Challenges, fitness motivation, stoicism


In the seventeenth century, Dutch artists employed a design and style of nonetheless lifetime portray recognized as vanitas artwork (from the initial chapter of Ecclesiastes, “All is vanity.”) as a Memento Mori. The artwork would characteristic skulls, rotting fruit, candles, hourglasses, useless and wilted flowers, and more atop tables as powerful imagery to remind the viewer of dying.


By the 19th century, Memento Mori experienced moved from paintings to jewelry, with people today from all walks of lifetime donning rings featuring skulls, coffins, the phrase “Memento Mori,” or a blend of the three as a continual reminder of the wearer’s mortality.


Though not virtually as prevalent in the minds of the common populace as it at the time was, Memento Mori is obtaining a contemporary resurgence. Persons are buying Memento Mori medallions to carry with them in their pockets as a continual reminder that they will just one day die.


These kinds of very well-recognized figures as Tim Ferriss, Casey Neistat, and more carry a Memento Mori medallion with them, and even Memento Mori rings are making a comeback.


I am a element of this contemporary resurgence.


Memento Mori and The Twelve Labors Venture

Memento Mori is the tool that I use to overcome the troubles in my lifetime and come across the inspiration to thrust via any impediment that I see right before me.


When I choose on physical troubles as element of my Twelve Labors Venture, Memento Mori is what retains me grounded, focused on the existing, and aware of what truly matters in a universe that looks to be unraveling.


Memento Mori: A Simple Practice for a Complex Time - Fitness, fitness, meditation, motivation, focus, ego, mind-body connection, self confidence, inspiration, procrastination, mindfullness, goal planning, Life Challenges, fitness motivation, stoicism


In 2016, for my 5th labor, I established out on your own in the barren wilderness of the northern Mojave Desert to increase consciousness of veteran suicide by pulling a 2.five-ton pickup truck across Demise Valley.


With a landscape as gorgeous as it is bleak, my only companions in the course of the 22-mile obstacle had been stones sculpted over the millennia by the desert wind and rain, dunes that reflected the sun’s blinding light-weight, the searing warmth that burns anything that enters the Valley, and my views.


Every single mile that I pulled the truck via the desert represented just one of the 22 life that are shed every single day to veteran suicide.


With each and every step I took and each and every inch of ground that I obtained, Demise Valley would test a minimal tougher to influence me to choose off the chest harness and stop the obstacle it only ever acquired hotter and drier as the journey progressed.


The natural way, the solitude that I expert in the course of the obstacle pressured me to confront the worst of myself – my doubts, my fears, my insecurities, and every little thing I experienced ever arrive to regret in my lifetime.


I would choose a step and listen to a voice, “Give up! There is no disgrace in quitting.”


I would choose a different step and notify myself, “Memento Mori! Bear in mind, you will have to die! Bear in mind why you are right here!”


Reflecting on my mortality and the memory of those who we’ve shed to suicide fortified my techniques and created the seemingly impossible, possible.


The dichotomy amongst dying and the existing second grew to become more clear than ever, opening my check out to views and insights that never right before happened to me.


It was the catalyst I desired to get back my momentum and embrace my destiny second by second with a comprehensive coronary heart and unyielding solve.


Being on your own in Demise Valley with a 2.five-ton pickup truck strapped to your back is a surefire way to arrive confront to confront with your mortality, and the exercise of Memento Mori is what allowed me to remain focused on a aim that was larger than myself. I wasn’t striving for recognition when I hauled a truck across the desert.


I needed to increase the consciousness of an alarming problem that is plaguing veterans. Irrespective of whether or not I completed the labor or anyone else did was irrelevant, so very long as people today had been created aware of the bring about that spurred the obstacle.


I could have died at any place in the course of my trek via the desert – I could die at any second, truly – the recognition, the accolades, it would all be meaningless to me after that.


The bring about, on the other hand, would stay-on.


“On fame. Search at their minds, the character of their thought and what they find or prevent. And see how, just as drifting sands consistently overlay the previous sand, so in our life what we at the time did is really immediately coated over by subsequent layers.”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 7.34


How Memento Mori can Spur action

Memento Mori just isn’t just a tool to encourage on your own to drag a truck via a hellish landscape – it can also act as a catalyst for enthusiasm and productiveness each and every day.


Procrastination is a obstacle that most people today confront every day, and I am no exception. Why hassle acquiring out of mattress each and every early morning to confront an not comfortable globe when consolation can be observed by now underneath the blankets? Why hassle accomplishing anything at all?


What variety of lifetime would that be?


“So it is: we are not offered a limited lifetime but we make it limited, and we are not sick-provided but wasteful of it.”

– Seneca, On the Shortness of Lifetime


Seneca understood that we so generally squander lifetime clinging to idleness and comforts that only provide to distract us from fulfilling our maximum prospective.


A lifetime lived in pursuit of consolation when putting off our obligation is a lifetime expended squandering the finite total of time we have. Obtain consolation in the not comfortable, and don’t forget you will have to die: why squander your time on trivia when your time is limited?


If you want to meet unique health and fitness aims, Memento Mori is the motivator you want to get to the fitness center (or probably your residence fitness center for now) and accomplish those aims.


When you wake up in the early morning, established an affirmation for on your own that you will do what you want to do to meet your aims, regardless of the obstructions you may confront.


Remind on your own of your mortality and that you would relatively not expend the valuable time you have still left viewing television or sleeping.


That’s what I notify myself every single day right before I coach, and it’s what you can say to on your own, too.


If your aim is to have a healthier diet plan, Memento Mori can aid you to create healthier ingesting and ingesting routines. Lifetime is limited – do you want your final times expended in a drunken haze? I question it.


Certain, we are all fated to die just one day, but that does not imply that we should really use each and every second we have in hedonistic pursuits. The cake is great, but should really we try to eat it for each and every food? Of class not.


Overindulgence in harmful ingesting and ingesting will only convey dying quicker, when healthy routines will provide to continue to keep lifetime very long and aid you arrive at your fullest prospective.


A healthy human body would make for a healthy intellect, after all.


Memento Mori and Earth Functions

The globe is at present experiencing turbulence that hasn’t been felt in a very long time. Climate modify is triggering extremes in temperature situations that have led to powerful droughts, substantial forest and bush fires, and hurricanes, the like of which humanity has not observed given that biblical periods.


We are in the middle of a global pandemic, with COVID-19 spreading via towns reminiscent of the Black Plague of the medieval interval. Governments are working with the panic and distraction prompted by the pandemic to thrust agendas on each ends of the political spectrum.


American legislation enforcement is underneath magnified scrutiny because of to conditions exactly where excessive employs of force and deficiency of human decency resulted in undue dying. These items are happening inside of an ambiance of violent riots and peaceful protests from racial injustice and police brutality.


Some social concerns are remaining conflated with broader kinds to embolden movements and assaults from sure teams. In contrast, other important concerns are remaining drowned out by a deafening silence entirely for their deficiency of utility or mere benefit inside of the popular narrative.


As an American with deep love and hope for this state, who also happens to be a human being of colour, enable us tread via these troubled waters with each other.


I believe that the finest adversary to justice and inequality for all people today are the unacknowledged unions amongst indifference and management, ignorance and electric power, and apathy and panic.


In the text of the American novelist and activist, James Baldwin:


“Not every little thing that is confronted can be improved, but almost nothing can be improved right up until it is confronted.”


We will have to have the braveness to struggle and disintegrate these shadow alliances these days and hereafter, very long after the media moves on from it, and it is no lengthier trending.


As Og Mandino at the time wrote:


“Tomorrow is only observed in the calendar of fools.”


Memento Mori, as a exercise in the course of this complex time in history, permits us to confront our fears, flaws, and failures separately and as a state. These activities compel purposeful action with a sense of urgency, not from a location of dislike or vengeance, but from a location of empathy and compassion underneath the premise that this day, this hour, this second is all we have.


Tomorrow is not a promise but a mere thought—an assumption of an uncertain foreseeable future time and location arising in the existing.


These actions contain defending people’s ideal to criticize our country’s shortcomings and peacefully protest them when supporting the constitutional rules upon which The us stands—all inside of the same breath of enthusiasm and wholehearted conviction.


We are all dying from a continual condition named lifetime. In truth of the matter, each and every 2nd, we eliminate to laziness, procrastination, or indifference forever belongs to dying.


Each individual opportunity to do great in the globe, regardless of a person’s race, politics, faith, or social course, turns into a reward when we embrace the actuality that each and every human on earth will just one day experience the same decline of loved kinds and suffering like you.


It would make sense to be variety to each and every human being we face in the course of these advanced periods when we remind ourselves that dying is the final arbiter.


Out of the 4 Stoic virtues of wisdom, braveness, temperance, and justice, Marcus Aurelius felt that justice was the most important of them all.


“And a commitment to justice in your very own acts. Which means: thought and action resulting in the widespread great. What you had been born to do.”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 9.31


When confronted with a variety of turmoil that we haven’t observed for generations, Memento Mori can be the guidebook that allows us navigate via the existing local weather.


Each individual time you look at recent activities on the information or witness injustice happening in front of you, you have a preference amongst action or inaction.


Reflection on our mortality can let us to see the larger picture, confront injustice like a legitimate Stoic, and existing methods centered on motive and audio judgment.


We will have to die, it’s legitimate, but will have to we die obtaining finished almost nothing for the benefit of the higher great? No. Our life have meaning when we stay in accordance to our rules and stand up for what is ideal and great in the globe.


Demise comes to every person, that is for confident – there’s no place in stressing about when or how it will arrive when the most uncertain element of lifetime is how we choose to stay it.


Soon after all, dying is only the stop underneath the presumption that the story is entirely about you. Our great deeds and power of character are immortal, standing as residing monuments in those we inspire—more powerful than mere text on a tombstone can ever be.


You can find a Greek proverb that I experience fantastically exemplifies the place I am seeking to make:


“A culture grows fantastic when aged adult males plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.”


It’s possible we are not all aged nonetheless, but if we want our culture to develop, then we will have to plant the seeds of justice and love so that foreseeable future generations can get pleasure from the shade of these trees.


Performing so is a preference that we will have to make, absolutely aware of the actuality that dying comes to us all eventually, but the implications of our possibilities stay on in the globe and have an impact on the generations that abide by.


“You may depart this lifetime at any second have this risk in your intellect in all that you do or say or imagine.”

– Marcus Aurelius, Meditations, 2.eleven


Taking the tips of Marcus Aurelius, we can enable the inevitability of our demise tell our way of lifetime. With each and every single preference we make and each and every single action we choose, we can check out it in light-weight of our dying right before we make that preference or choose that action. Ask on your own these inquiries:


“Do I want to be remembered as the human being who turned absent from injustice?”

“Am I all right with remaining the bring about of inequality and suffering?”

“Do I truly experience indifferent to the plight of the oppressed?”


When culture lacks appropriate management, you will have to understand to seem to your rules to lead on your own.


Dwelling in accordance to your rules may bring about you to stand on your own from a group it can lead to panic and question, and will just about surely convey the strain down on you from particular person customers of culture – but you will have to stand resolute.


If you can not stand organization in your convictions when seeking to increase culture and crumple at the initial indication of pushback or be a part of the group when it acts from your rules, then you haven’t stood for anything at all. In chapter 24 of the Enchiridion, Epictetus has the pursuing to say about benefitting communities:


“Properly, what will my occupation in the local community be?’ No matter what place you are geared up to fill, so very long as you maintain the man of believe in and integrity. If you eliminate that in your zeal to be a public benefactor, what use in the stop will you be to the local community at the time you have been rendered shameless and corrupt?”


To that stop, we will have to stand up to human indecency in the sort of violence and rioting.


What would you listen to if you went about your local community and instructed people today that you robbed their enterprises for their benefit and destroyed their qualities to shield their legal rights? It really is unlikely that you would confront gratitude from victims of violence and theft, you should not you imagine?


Memento Mori can be the catalyst for action, but it can also be the catalyst for restraint. Use it to remind on your own of what form of actions you want people today to don’t forget. Just as you can talk to on your own inquiries to aid you choose action, you can also talk to inquiries that market restraint:


“Do I want to be remembered as the human being who destroyed someone’s livelihood?”

“Am I eager to sacrifice my convictions just to fulfill the mob’s lust for violence?”

“Will this aid my case or hurt it?”


Memento Mori will be the guidebook that reminds you that there is always a larger picture and that it is not always wise to act, just as it is not always wise to continue to be inactive. Epictetus in chapter 33 of the Enchiridion at the time all over again admonishes us to be organization in our convictions:


“Settle on the form of human being you want to be and adhere to it, irrespective of whether on your own or in enterprise.”


When you have determined who you want to be, Memento Mori will aid you to adhere to it, reminding you when to act and when not to.


It requires braveness and sacrifice to do a thing for a bring about higher than on your own, but you is not going to eliminate on your own to the baser instincts of the moi so very long as you don’t forget this:


“Look guiding you. Bear in mind you are mortal. Bear in mind you will have to die!”