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Miller High Life Debuts Holiday Champagne Bottle and Connected Glasses

Through the dim evenings of an ongoing pandemic, a shining light-weight seems.

Perfectly, two shining lights—embedded into the superior-tech coasters for a pair of getaway champagne glasses from the intoxicating minds at Miller Superior Life.

Recognizing this socially distanced getaway year will incorporate plenty of tipsy movie phone calls, the next glass comes prepackaged the idea is you ship it onward to your toasting companion of alternative.

These so-identified as getaway coupes—coupe as in French-design champagne glass, not a two-door fastback with plastic wreath mounted on the grille—will the natural way be WiFi enabled. When equally drinkers increase their glasses, the coasters will festively illuminate.

An choice is to maintain equally glasses for yourself and, in the occasion of getaway blackouts, double-fist your way to safety.

And what may economically pressured Americans—with restricted budgets for getaway partying—pour into these glasses? Thankfully, if the rate of true champagne feels unrealistic, Miller’s acquired your covered with its most up-to-date 750ml Superior Life champagne bottle.

With purple-foil on the neck, it appears like true champagne. It pours like true champagne. And it tastes like getaway cost savings. A 750ml champagne bottle of Superior Life will provide for $three.49.

On sale now (Dec. 15), the getaway champagne glasses will cost $19.03, a before-tax nod to the 12 months Superior Life was introduced.

When adding an estimated 7.25 % gross sales tax? The full comes to $20.40—hopefully not a prediction of the 12 months when The us will at last return to usual.

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