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More Patients Turning to ‘Direct Primary Care’

Josh Umbehr, MD, CEO, AtlasMD, Wichita, KS.

Jeffrey S. Gold, MD, founder, Gold Direct Care, Marblehead, MA.

Jeffrey S. Puglisi, MD, founding husband or wife, Glenville Professional medical Concierge Care, Greenwich, CT.

Thomas W. LaGrelius, MD, founder Skypark Most popular Concierge Care, Torrance, CA.

Kevin Boyd, Wichita, KS.

Mick Lowderman.

Mike Scheidt, Wichita, KS.

Laurianne Bourque, 42, who operates in Boston.

Karen Keegan, Greenwich, CT.

Richard and Vicky Wood, Roswell, GA.

Erin Sullivan, PhD, analysis and curriculum director, Heart for Most important Care, Harvard Professional medical Faculty.

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American Academy of Family members Medical professionals.

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