Office environment ergonomics: Your how-to tutorial

A snug work place can help you really feel your greatest. Give your sitting work region a makeover with this visible tutorial to business office ergonomics.

By Mayo Clinic Workers

If you sit guiding a desk for several hours at a time, you are not doomed to a career of neck and back soreness or sore wrists and fingers. Right business office ergonomics — together with accurate chair peak, enough devices spacing and superior desk posture — can help you and your joints keep snug at work.

Completely ready to give your work place a makeover? Get started off creating your sitting workstation snug with this visible tutorial to sitting workstation ergonomics.

Office ergonomics


Pick a chair that supports your spinal curves. Modify the peak of your chair so that your ft relaxation flat on the ground or on a footrest and your thighs are parallel to the ground. Modify armrests so your arms gently relaxation on them with your shoulders relaxed.

Essential objects

Hold crucial objects — such as your telephone, stapler or printed materials — near to your system to lessen achieving. Stand up to reach everything that cannot be easily achieved though sitting.

Keyboard and mouse

Position your mouse within simple reach and on the exact surface as your keyboard. When typing or utilizing your mouse, hold your wrists straight, your higher arms near to your system, and your palms at or slightly down below the amount of your elbows. Use keyboard shortcuts to minimize prolonged mouse use. If achievable, alter the sensitivity of the mouse so you can use a light touch to operate it. Alternate the hand you use to operate the mouse by relocating the mouse to the other aspect of your keyboard.


If you usually converse on the telephone and sort or write at the exact time, position your telephone on speaker or use a headset relatively than cradling the telephone amongst your head and neck.


If your chair is far too substantial for you to relaxation your ft flat on the ground — or the peak of your desk requires you to elevate the peak of your chair — use a footrest. If a footrest is not readily available, test utilizing a little stool or a stack of durable publications as a substitute.


Below the desk, make certain you will find clearance for your knees, thighs and ft. If the desk is far too small and cannot be adjusted, position durable boards or blocks below the desk legs. If the desk is far too substantial and cannot be adjusted, elevate your chair. Use a footrest to help your ft as required. If your desk has a hard edge, pad the edge or use a wrist relaxation. You should not shop items below your desk.


Position the watch directly in front of you, about an arm’s duration away. The top of the display screen should be at or slightly down below eye amount. The watch should be directly guiding your keyboard. If you use bifocals, reduce the watch an additional 1 to two inches for much more snug viewing. Position your watch so that the brightest light source is to the aspect.