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One 20-Minute HIIT Workout a Week Is Enough to Lose Body Fat

Substantial-depth interval exercise routines are a appreciate-detest endeavor considering the fact that the entire issue is to exercise uncomfortably difficult. The good news is that one HIIT work out a week is more than enough to see outcomes.

A examine in Medicine & Science in Athletics & Physical exercise found that one 23-moment HIIT work out a week for one month can decrease physique fat and raise cardio capability. In the examine, 56 obese fellas did one of 5 protocols: either a thrice-weekly moderate-depth work out HIIT 3 occasions, 2 times, or the moment a week or zero exercise.

For dropping physique fat, HIIT is much better than moderate depth, but surprisingly, the moment-a-week HIIT is almost as good as 3 occasions. As well as, overall health markers like cardio capability and blood stress also improved for the the moment-a-week HIIT group. For this to do the job, you can’t 50 %-ass it—you’ve received to drive difficult.

Try out their work out: one moment of shuttle runs at 90 % of max heart rate, backing off to 70 % for one moment, and repeating that eleven much more occasions. Listed here are some much more of our favorite HIIT exercise routines:

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