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Recovery from knee replacement surgery

5 Tips to Speed Your Recovery After Knee Replacement Surgery ...

The number of total knee replacement surgeries conducted has increased over time. With the advancement in technology, especially in medical science, these surgeries can provide life-changing solutions to many. knee surgery Melbourne can help you move around, climb stairs, and perform other everyday activities with ease and less pain. The success rate of these surgeries is excellent. Proper care and exercise after the surgery can make the recovery faster and safer. With regular and appropriate therapy you can be back to normal in much lesser time. It also helps your body to adjust with and accept the foreign element place at your knee. Here are some steps which you should take after the knee surgery to ensure outstanding results.

  • Physical therapy

You get fresh stitches and new elements placed in your body. However, you can start physical therapy right away. It begins from the very next day of your surgery. A therapist will suggest exercises that you will start from the hospital room itself. Although you can have some apprehensions in moving your leg after the operation, you should trust your therapist. These exercises are designed to cope with and walk on your implanted knee. These exercises also help in strengthening your leg muscles and restoring knee movement. 

  • Rehab clinic

A normal stay at the hospital after the knee surgery is of around one to three days. After that, you may choose to go home or often people enroll in a rehab clinic. You can check into a rehab clinic either as an out-patient or in-patient basis. You will get six days a week exercise schedule for a couple of weeks. Going to a rehab clinic is advantageous, as it helps you gain confidence in your new knee. You get assistance for the most needed physical therapy. This helps you be regular in exercises and assure you about the results. It is a good way to battle your fears in moving your leg after the surgery.

  • Home care

While it is beneficial to check into a rehab clinic, it is not mandatory. If you feel home will be more comfortable, you can choose to go home after getting discharged from the hospital. However, it is essential to take proper care at home. The following are the practices that will help a safe and speedy recovery.

Take care of your wound. You should keep it from water until it is healed and sealed. Your doctor would advise you on showering after the surgery. 

You have to eat nutritious food after operation. Take iron supplements and fiber-rich diet to avoid issues with medications.

Make sure that you adhere to the exercise plan given by your physical therapist. Stick to your walking plan that would start from inside and will go outside once you are comfortable.

  • Back to normal 

You can get up from your chair, go out for buying groceries, and do other things after 3-6 weeks from the surgery. You can even drive your car after three weeks but may take some more time to bend your knee for getting in and out of the car. While you can perform most of the activities normally, it is advised not to put stress on your knee for lasting results. You should avoid running, skiing or any sport that involved jumping.