Snowboarding Meets Mountain Biking on Season-Bending Course

As seasons change, our out of doors passions mix from one appropriate into a further. Of the activities that enhance one a further ideal and mix the most easily alongside one another, there is a distinct alignment concerning mountain biking and snowboarding. The way the two sports activities experience, the solution to terrain, and the state of mind of flowing with speed from snow to grime: I have surely found out the commonality concerning the two seemingly various sports activities. A longtime enthusiasm for snowboarding led me to become a specialist photographer. Being a resident of Southern California, a little methods from contemporary snow, means that sustaining conditioning concerning snow adventures is a must—so I can cling with the athletes when I’m on assignment back again at altitude. Thankfully I found out how to harmony the yin of mountain biking to the yang of snowboarding. The endurance positive aspects are only one variable, though. The shared inner thoughts for the two sports activities only multiply when you variable adrenaline.

And I recently found out I’m not the only one after this latest photo assignment in Snowshoe, WV. In deep Appalachia (about halfway concerning Charlottesville, VA and Charleston, WV) I meet up with two mountain bikers and two snowboarders, each individual who have been embracing this identical joint pursuit—discovering a further sport to spice up their way of living fully commited to one or the other.

This distinct vision spawned from the head of pro mountain biker Carson Storch, of Bend, OR, motivating him to solution his drink sponsor, Pink Bull, to provide an bold notion to life: make a personalized bicycle slash snowboard park that weaves in and out of the other and allows an greatest collaboration wherever slopestyle satisfies freeride. Pink Bull naturally can take to innovative initiatives like this and they partnered up to invite fellow teammate Jaxson Riddle (mountain bicycle) and snowboarders Luke Winkelmann and Sean Fitzsimmons to showcase the opportunities. The crew selected Snowshoe for its locale, identified in the mountain bicycle world for its world-class downhill program (and on the seasonal flip-aspect, regarded as a wicked fun vacation resort to snowboard). Also, due to the fact winter season out East begins to melt sooner than most ranges in the West, Storch and organization approached Snowshoe’s mountain manager, who crafted hybrid grime-snow terrain park that was a lot more than up for the problem.