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Strep A Test: MedlinePlus Lab Test Information

What do the benefits necessarily mean?

If you or your little one has a constructive result on a quick strep exam, it implies you have strep throat or an additional strep A infection. No more screening will be necessary.

If the quick exam was damaging, but the provider thinks you or your little one may possibly have strep throat, he or she may possibly order a throat culture. If you or your little one has not by now furnished a sample, you will get an additional swab exam.

If the throat culture was constructive, it implies you or your little one has strep throat or other strep infection.

If the throat culture was damaging, it implies your symptoms are not remaining caused by strep A micro organism. Your provider will likely order more tests to assistance make a analysis.

If you or your little one was identified with strep throat, you will need to have to acquire antibiotics for 10 to 14 times. Right after a working day or two of getting the medication, you or your little one really should get started to come to feel greater. Most people today are no for a longer time contagious soon after getting antibiotics for 24 hrs. But it can be crucial to acquire all the medication as approved. Halting early can direct to rheumatic fever or other really serious troubles.

If you have thoughts about your benefits or your child’s benefits, communicate to your overall health care provider.

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