Teen texting: Support your teen keep away from the challenges

Concerned about teen texting? Recognize how to talk to your teen about the dangers of sexting and texting when driving.

By Mayo Clinic Staff members

For quite a few teenagers, texting is an essential way to talk. But a lack of maturity can get your teen into difficulty when texting. Support your teen comprehend — and keep away from — the challenges linked with texting.

Don’t enable texting when driving

Distracted driving can be fatal, particularly for teenagers. According to the Countrywide Freeway Visitors Basic safety Administration, teenagers ended up the premier age group noted as distracted at the time of lethal crashes in 2016. 1 resource of distraction when driving for teenagers is texting.

Make sure your teen understands the challenges of texting when driving. Tell your teen that texting when driving isn’t permitted below any conditions and established an instance by avoiding the habits. Generate an agreement with your teen that commits you equally to distraction-no cost driving.

Quit texting from trying to keep your teen up

Texting can interfere with teens’ slumber, which they will need for their expansion, improvement and perfectly-currently being.

A 2018 study indicates that texting at night is linked with teenagers heading to mattress afterwards, shelling out significantly less time in mattress, sensation drained at school and owning irregular slumber habits. Investigation also has shown that school-aged youngsters and adolescents who slumber with mobile gadgets in their rooms are at larger threat of slumber disturbances.

Perform with your teen to establish realistic hrs for texting — these as no texting just after a specific hour on school evenings. Preserve your teen’s phone out of his or her room at night.

Be truthful about sexting

Sexting is the sending or obtaining of nude or seminude images or sexually specific textual content messages. Sexting can come about in between folks who are courting. Occasionally, one man or woman pressures another into sexting to demonstrate his or her inner thoughts. A man or woman also could mail this kind of picture or message to another without the need of inquiring for consent.

Sexting can induce psychological distress for all people associated. An picture or message meant for one man or woman can be forwarded and dispersed extensively — and after it really is in circulation, there is no way to control it. A image or message could resurface a long time afterwards, creating shame or problems with function or school.

Talk to your teen about sexting. Get started by inquiring what he or she is familiar with and describe the repercussions, which could require law enforcement. Educate your teen to be sturdy and resist peer tension to sext. Tell your teen to keep away from sending everything electronically that he or she wouldn’t want the whole earth to see.

Talk about cyberbullying

Cyberbullying involves applying an digital medium, these as textual content messages, to threaten or hurt others. Staying bullied as a kid has been joined to psychological overall health problems, impaired educational general performance, substance abuse and violence.

Make sure your teen understands that it isn’t acceptable to unfold rumors or bully a person as a result of texting or any other means. Remind your teen that any textual content message he or she sends can be saved or forwarded to anyone else, so it really is essential to use excellent judgment with each message.

Really encourage your teen to talk to you or another trusted grownup if he or she gets harassing textual content messages. Reveal that you will not likely just take absent digital privileges if your teen confides in you about a dilemma.

Deliver steerage and established limits

Texting can be challenging even for grownups. Talk to your teen about how the feelings behind a textual content can simply be misunderstood. You could stimulate your teen to essentially talk to mates, alternatively than generally texting.

Set anticipations for your teen’s texting habits and maintain an eye on how your teen is applying his or her phone or other gadgets or platforms to talk. Sit down with your teen and seem as a result of textual content messages occasionally — or allow your teen know that you can periodically test his or her phone for content material.

If your teen isn’t subsequent your regulations or you’re anxious that texting is interfering with your teen’s schoolwork or other obligations, just take action. You could established limitations on your teen’s phone use or merely just take absent the phone. Protecting against perhaps major repercussions outweighs any anger your teen is probable to specific.