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The 2020 Bible of Bike Tests: Juliana Joplin X01 CC Reserve

Of the lots of areas that have hosted the Bible of Bicycle Tests over its eleven many years, none is as aptly named as Park City. The spot is more playground than city. The networks that criss-cross its valleys are so dense and so assorted that you could quickly journey all working day and by no means reduce sight of city, by no means cross the identical route two times, and by no means, at any time get bored. Then, the larger altitudes deliver countless, buff rolling traverses and ridgelines, interrupted only by the occasional slender chute that drops into steep but sustainable complex perfection.

That’s why today’s path bikes truly feel so at residence there. They really don’t limit you to a certain model of path, a certain scale of journey or a certain pace. Path, all-mountain and enduro have bled into every other like tunes genres. Now, approximately each individual bicycle you see is a two-wheeled edition of “Old Town Road” by Lil Nas X feat. Billy Ray Cyrus. Just cannot no one inform you practically nothing.

Vacation, geo and spec are operating collectively in means they by no means have right before, so reading through those tea leaves isn’t as simple as it utilized to be. We believe that that has designed this nuts tiny job more precious than it’s at any time been. So, we invite you to occur dive down the rabbit hole, and take pleasure in the pictures, movies, stories and testimonials that make up the 2020 Bible of Bicycle Tests.

This short article originally appeared on Bikemag.com and was republished with authorization.