Borneo is located in the tropics and that is why you can expect rain and high humidity at all times of the year. Usually, the wettest months are December through February. That is the time of the Northeast Monsoon, and the better and milder months to visit are March through October. The following information should help you figure out when you would like to go to get the most out of your experience.

The Best Time For Visiting Borneo

March through October is Borneo’s dry season. That is why you are likely to run into less rain. That is the peak time and the best time for viewing orangutans in nature.

April through December is the best time for diving, once you have your diving equipment from Borneo Dream. The best visibility is in July and August, where you can sometimes see as far as 40 metres. The best time for seeing whale sharks is March through May. The best time for seeing turtles out on Lankayan Island is June through September.

Times to Avoid

January and December are the months where you can see rougher waters and higher rainfall. You can visit during that time. However, the conditions are not as favourable for wildlife and it tends to hide within the dense jungle. Whenever possible, we normally recommend that you avoid visiting Borneo in December and January.

When to Visit By Season

Best Visiting Times: March through October are the months that are considered to be the dry season. Therefore, that’s the best time to go to Borneo. At that time it will be humid and hot, with the temperatures increasing as the season comes to an end and before the rains begin. Trees are fruiting at that time, which means the orangutans are lower to the ground in order to eat. This results in improving sightings, particularly for photography.

The seasons in Borneo do not vary as significantly as they do in other areas of the world. Instead, it is humid and hot all year long. However, it is much busier during the dry season and can also be more expensive. You should be prepared for it to rain at any time that you explore the rainforest, no matter what time of year it is. The Borneo rainforest definitely lives up to the name very well.

March Through October

In Borneo, this time frame is called the ‘dry’ season, although since it is a rainforest it can potentially rain any time. Even in the summer, it is usually humid and hot. The peak tourist season takes place from May through September. During those times, accommodations may be booked far in advance, especially in the rainforest area like Danum Valley, since there are not as many lodges there, which means that it is highly recommended that you book early. That is also the best time for seeing orangutans since the trees are fruiting during the summer months, especially from June through August. The popular primates come down from the trees to eat. If they could have a 100% fruit diet, they would! For more information on when and where to see these amazing animals, check out our orangutan holidays page.

November Through February

Although it is widely perceived as being Borneo’s ‘wet’ season, traveling to the third-largest island in the world during those most is still totally possible to do. Rainfall tends to be unpredictable no matter what time of year it is, so you shouldn’t let ‘wet’ season forecasts deter you. However, attractions, dive sites, parks, and lodges will not be as crowded. That can be very advantageous, and prices of accommodations and flights tend to be lower as well as you plan your trip to Borneo.