The Complete Neurobiology of Addiction

4 Stages of Drug Addiction: from Experimentation to Full Blown Dependency

Our brain is the strongest part of our body it can become a vice too. Drug addiction is one of the reasons that can mess up our brain totally and impact the brain on many levels. When the person takes an unprescribed medicine or any kind of substance, chemical compounds in these enter the brain and bloodstream. This chemical makes people lose control over their body and impulses as well as create cravings for these. And drug addiction treatment centers help a person lose this craving from the body and mind by depriving both of the chemicals for a long enough time.

Such chemicals are responsible to stimulate the brain cells that make the person high as long as they are under its influence. So as soon as the effect wears off, the person again seeks that comfort. In the end, the person develops an addiction when this cycle is repeated continually.

Neurobiology of How Addiction Gradually Happens

Addiction affects the brain by basing on a number of factors. For example, what type of drug has the person used, the quantity of it, and lastly in what stage the addiction is. When a person uses weed, he or she will experience a stage of confusion at first and then notice the feeling of being euphoric. It happens because of the psychoactive ingredient called THC. THC stimulates a part of the brain that is responsible for providing pleasurable feelings. This part releases dopamine chemical when one smokes marijuana that is ideally responsible for the relaxed feeling they get.

As you can imagine, this euphoric feeling is not something people can overcome. And the more people abuse drugs or any kind of substance the more they will get attached to this feeling. That is why drug addiction treatment first includes, medical withdrawal process so that the person can get rid of the craving. Such a chemical doesn’t always provide a feel-good feeling as sometimes, the person may feel nausea, rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, paranoia, and many other symptoms that the person will have no control over. But it is not enough to stop them from using such dangerous compounds as evident by many ongoing drug addiction cases.

How Addiction Develops

Our brain controls us by rewarding us when we do something pleasurable. And that is why we take the drug, our brain adds the feel-good emotions with the substance use and it ideally makes the connection between two happenings. Therefore, our brain functions get altered. Drug targets the limbic system of our brain, that controls our body and mind, therefore, comes the abnormality in our behavior when we’re under the influence. When you will go to suboxone doctors near me, you’ll get to know about the cycle this back and the forth rewarding system creates, which in conclusion develops into addiction.

What Happens When The Drug Intake Stops?

To break the constant cycle, the obvious first step would be stopping the intake. And as soon as it happens, there is a strong mental, physical and harsh emotional reaction can be seen. The intensity of withdrawal symptoms depends on the type of substance, so said symptoms can vary from person to person. Most people start to feel intense craving in mere 24 hours after stopping. They can also feel distressed, get sweaty, and anxious. People who suffer from mental abnormality will be affected more by the symptoms. Once suboxone treatment doctors start the treatment, the medicine used in such procedure will help to mend some of the symptoms. Ergo, visiting a rehab facility will be better for a smoother withdrawal process.

How Therapy Helps In Neurologically?

Most people start to take drugs or any other substance addiction due to some reason. And these reasons are trigger points that can aid in relapsing. And therapy helps in taking care of such matters. With therapy, the person can identify their problems and also exchange their coping mechanism. Therapists in suboxone treatment clinics help a person to cope with their coping method by changing bad thoughts to good ones and also by trading negative behaviors into positive actions. People who are mentally unstable should be continuing their visit to the therapist until their condition is fully under control.

There is still room left when it comes to addiction treatment as many people fail to maintain their sober state. However, such advances can only be achieved by doing thorough research on an addicted brain. Not only can that but in the upcoming years also be prevented from ever getting affected by such substances. But that will take more time to be on the paper. For now, each person should be more careful of their action. Call for help or search for the best “suboxone clinics near me” when you are feeling like you are sleeping away.