The Dan John Guide To A Lifting Career


In today’s episode of the breaking muscle podcast, I am joined by Dan John.



Dan is an athlete, coach, teacher, and writer. He’s been lifting weights and throwing discus for about 50 several years and is continue to likely sturdy in his 60s.


He’s also the creator of a person of my favored guides – In no way Enable Go: A Philosophy of Lifting, Dwelling, And Discovering.


I decide Dan’s mind to aid tutorial you to make smart decisions about your own education, even if you’re a entire starter or a seasoned veteran.


We cover the essential assessments you can run on on your own to figure out which regions will need do the job.


He also outlines how you must practice in the three key brackets of your lifting career:




  1. sixteen-35
  2. 35-fifty five
  3. fifty five+


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