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The Single Best Shoulder Exercise for Men

Overhead presses are just one of the biggest moves to acquire shoulder strength and mass. They make up the deltoids and muscular tissues that assist the scapula, strengthening the shoulder through a huge assortment of motion and increasing general performance equally in and out of the gym. But they’re not the single most effective shoulder exercising for gentlemen. That title belongs to the landmine shoulder press.

Why? Because even when you’re very careful to crank out overhead presses with photo-ideal sort, something is ordinarily off. And even slight sort flaws can sooner or later lead to suffering or personal injury. Enter the landmine shoulder press. 

What is the Landmine Shoulder Press?

A landmine is a exceptional strength-schooling instrument, designed by securing just one stop of a barbell into a metallic sleeve hooked up to the flooring (or by wedging the stop in a corner with towels or in between two weights). The free of charge stop is then loaded with bodyweight plates and employed for resistance. 

When it arrives to the landmine shoulder press, the stop is—you guessed it—pressed overhead making use of your shoulders.

“What truly separates the landmine shoulder press from other overhead shoulder press variations is the bodyweight and shoulders’ movement path,” points out Tony Gentilcore, C.S.C.S., strength mentor and operator of Main schooling studio outdoors Boston. 

With regular shoulder presses, the bodyweight travels straight up overhead in line with the ears, while the landmine needs an arched movement path. As you press the bodyweight, it also moves forward in entrance of you in a curved trajectory. 

Why the Landmine Shoulder Press Is So Successful

The landmine shoulder press’ movement path is critical mainly because it builds shoulders with no the challenges associated with most straight-overhead lifts. 

These challenges, which include things like shoulder and reduced-back suffering as properly as have on and tear to shoulder cartilage, all stem from prevalent shoulder mobility constraints, Gentilcore claims. These are normally owing to a blend of sitting down, hunching around phones and computer systems, muscular imbalances in between the anterior and posterior chain, or simply just not schooling mobility, he claims. 

The landmine shoulder press, nonetheless, does not require higher than-normal shoulder mobility, because you go the bodyweight up and in entrance of the system. Translation: all of the advantages with significantly less of a hazard.

What is additional, the set up permits for pressing greater loads than normally attainable with regular military services and overhead presses.

Pressing up and out, the shoulder is in a stronger placement than pressing straight up. It also receives an assist from the chest muscular tissues, further escalating how a lot bodyweight you can cope with, points out Prentiss Rhodes, C.P.T., products supervisor with the Countrywide Academy of Sports activities Drugs. 

Moreover, the landmine shoulder press is something of a combine in between a free of charge bodyweight and mounted bodyweight exercising, Rhodes points out. Though the shoulders have to manage the bodyweight in some planes of motion, they don’t have to do the job as hard to stabilize a landmine as they do when moving a free of charge barbell or dumbbells.

Nonetheless, the manage that the landmine shoulder press does require is continue to enough to boost shoulder security, Rhodes claims, and it is critical to aim on owning each period of the exercising with agency, packed shoulders. The overhead period also demands a great deal of security from the core.

Very last, it is also really worth taking into consideration grip: The landmine shoulder press is done with a neutral grip, positioning the humerus, or higher-arm bone, within the shoulder socket in a joint-welcoming way. A pronated grip for the duration of shoulder exercises tends to have a greater hazard of impingement and joint soreness.

How to Do the Landmine Shoulder Press with Ideal Kind

Bilateral Overhead Press
Justin Steele for Men’s Journal
  1. Connect the barbell to the landmine with the proper bodyweight plates and secure the load with a bodyweight clip. If you don’t have a dedicated landmine obtainable, you can place the stop of a barbell in a corner (designed by two walls) or two higher, weighty, rubber bodyweight plates.
  2. Stand with your ft hip-width aside, with the loaded stop of the barbell in between the balls of your ft. (Other selections include things like a staggered stance, bracing on equally knees, or sitting down down with your legs outstretched in entrance of you.)
  3. With equally fingers, clean the barbell shut to your chest with your elbows pointed straight down toward the flooring.
  4. Preserving your core and lats braced, press the bodyweight up right until your arms are absolutely prolonged. To match the weight’s arched movement path, lean marginally forward from your ankles.
  5. Pause, gradually decreased the bodyweight back to your chest, and repeat. 

“Technique-smart, it is extremely critical to retain the higher back flat and core engaged, and not allow for any dipping into the reduced back,” claims Roger Earle, C.S.C.S., C.P.T., co-creator of Pounds Teaching: Methods to Results. This helps prevent bodyweight from dumping into and hurting the decreased back even though also preventing any forward rounding through the shoulders. Try to retain your legs, torso, and arms in just one extensive, straight line through the full exercising.

As a development, you can consider the landmine shoulder press from a 50 percent-kneeling or break up stance placement, pressing with just one arm at a time (with the opposite leg forward). This will aim on unilateral strength and place a bigger desire for security on the shoulder and rotator cuff muscular tissues. It will also coach the core’s anti-rotational strength and obliques to a higher diploma , Rhodes notes.

How to Combine the Landmine Shoulder Press into Your Training Regime

The landmine shoulder press can match seamlessly into any work out program. Based on your programming schedule, you can insert it to complete-system, higher-system, push, and shoulder-specific workouts.  

If the shoulder press is just one of many overhead pressing movements in your arsenal, think about schooling it two to a few moments for each week. Nonetheless, if you also conduct a variety of shoulder presses with free of charge weights or devices, integrating it into your workouts even the moment a week can be highly effective. 

The suitable load for you is going to be extremely personal, and based mostly on equally your objectives and shoulder health and fitness. Because the landmine shoulder press is a multi-joint go, you can load it with a fairly higher-rep utmost to hone in on maximal strength. For case in point, consider four sets of 6 reps or five sets of five reps. 

You can also use reasonable or light weights and greater reps to prioritize muscular endurance or to retain your hazard of personal injury at a least if you have cranky joints or a history of shoulder troubles. Look at all the things from three sets of 12 or 15 reps to four or five sets of eight to 12 reps. The heavier you go, the previously in your work out you ought to strike the go. 

And even however the landmine press does not desire the utmost shoulder mobility, it by no means hurts to coach it. Execute a couple minutes of drills these as wall slides, serratus anterior slides with a foam roller, or shoulder rotations right before getting hold of the landmine.

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