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Toddlers and Breastfeeding – HealthyChildren.org

My toddler wants to breastfeed only when he’s upset or worn out. Is it healthy to keep on breastfeeding if nursing has turned into a consolation ritual much more than something else?

Your toddler may flip to nursing for consolation and reassurance, but he is surely continue to benefiting from the dietary and immunologic positive aspects. In any situation, emotional guidance is a properly reputable aspect of breastfeeding.

Searching for out a reassuring nursing session when he’s upset and bouncing back again as quickly as he finishes builds your child’s self-confidence and feelings of protection and very well-getting. Surely there is no evidence that prolonged breastfeeding would make a child much more dependent or harms him in any way.

On the opposite, a lot of mother and father proudly explain to how independent, healthy, and exceptionally brilliant their extensive-phrase breastfed little ones turn out to be. As extensive as you are at ease breastfeeding your toddler, there is no purpose to stop.

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