Trends in the field of technology that have redefined the beauty industry

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Technology has made some major breakthroughs in the recent times. It has managed to penetrate every and any industry in the world, and beauty industry is no exception. 

From the technology assisted cosmetology procedures to various skin and hair products, from applications for beauty assistance to novel technology endorsed makeup products, the way beauty industry engages with technology has been mind-blowing. 

Technology has redefined beauty industry

All thanks to technology, the conventional and slow rewards beauty care protocols have been replaced with sophisticated procedures. These offer instant gratification and provide constant and even on-the-go care. 

Following are some of the technology trends that have changed the landscape of beauty industry. While these are more generic trends, you might have to visit the top dermatologist in Karachi to find which and what beauty-tech devices suits your skin and hair care needs. 

Technology assisted beauty care

Cleansing tools

The best way to help your skin is by having a good cleansing routine. Our skins are exposed to so much; dirt, pollution, bacteria etc. And if not cleaning properly, it loses its luster and heath. 

However, not everyone has time to invest into tedious cleansing routines. For this, cleansing devices have been created that take care of the hassle for you.

 Clean smart facial cleansing device is one such device that uses heat and vibration to clean the face and aid in the absorption of serums and creams. It also comes with exfoliator head that helps you quickly get rid of the dead skin. 

Such technologies have therefore enabled people to protect and pamper their skin the right and hassle-free way. 

Hair Removing devices 

HD cameras have made it near impossible to hide any flaws on the face. One of the biggest hurdles in getting a smooth clear skin are the facial hair. They are especially problematic for those women who suffer from PCOS or have dark hair that are very prominent. 

Hair removing devices have very effectively catered to this concern. Multipurpose and multifaceted devices are available now; epilators, shavers, trimmers armed with exfoliating heads etc. have reformed the beauty standards. 

Smart Mirror

Gone were the day of ordinary mirrors. Now, smart mirrors are present that give you an assessment of your skin and help you remedy the problems ailing your skin that you would not have noticed otherwise. 

Moreover, just like an expert, the mirror also then gives advices and tips to get rid of the skin issues. An example of this is the  HiMirror

Smart Brush

Just like the mirror, the smart brush also is a hair expert. It contains sensors that give the user feedback on the quality and the damage on the hair. It also suggests which hair treatment is working better, and which is not. 

Technology assisted makeup products

An important part of the beauty industry are the makeup products. Not only has technology enabled in the production of better-quality products, it has also made the buying-makeup experience better.

For example, matching skin and foundation shade was a nightmare. Now, personalized makeup is available which takes into account the color of the skin and mixes the pigments accordingly. 

Similarly, Augmented reality has also enable people to virtually try on makeup before buying. This is godsend for people making online purchases. 

Technology assisted Cosmetic Procedures

Micro current Devices 

Micro current devices involve the use of current to stimulate the production of skin protein, elastin and collagen. It also gives a skin uplift. Its target audience is the aging population, and its biggest perk is that it is completely non-invasive way to improve the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. 

All thanks to technology, compact hand-held micro current devices are available for people to carry out this cosmetic procedure in the vicinity of their homes. 


 The technique of micro-needling has been sworn by many experts. Celebrities has also endorsed this method for a youthful, hydrated and smooth skin. It essentially involves pricking the skin, superficially, with thin short needles. 

It helps increase the collagen production and also gives a radiant skin –for a few weeks at least. As it improves the circulation to the skin, it also then helps to rejuvenate the facial skin. 

People initially had to rely on cosmetologists to carry out this procedure. However, now, thanks to technology, battery operated micro-needling devices are present for carrying out the process conveniently as home. It also is great for people travelling or those who cannot schedule frequent appointments with the doctor. 

While admittedly the in-clinic results are better, so those requiring more robust intervention or those people just starting out with the technique better visit the top dermatologist in Islamabad. However, the at home experience is sufficient too.