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Vaccines Protect Your Child against Hib Disease

Vaccines can protect against ailment brought about by Hib, but not the other kinds (“strains”) of H. influenzae microorganisms. The most effective way to protect against Hib ailment is to get vaccinated.

CDC Recommends Hib Vaccines for All Younger Youngsters and Sure Other Folks

CDC recommends Hib vaccination for all kids more youthful than 5 several years outdated. Youngsters need to have numerous (three or 4) shots of a Hib vaccine. CDC recommends shots at the next ages:

  • two months
  • 4 months
  • 6 months (if required is dependent on brand name)
  • twelve via 15 months

Get in touch with your child’s medical professional if you have inquiries and to make guaranteed your youngster received all advisable doses.

More mature kids and grown ups typically do not need to have a Hib vaccine. Nevertheless, CDC recommends Hib vaccination for folks with certain medical situations. Converse with your or your child’s medical professional if you have inquiries about Hib vaccines.

A woman holds her young baby.

All kids should really get the complete series of Hib shots as infants and need to have one particular booster shot when they are twelve via 15 months outdated.

Hib Vaccines Are Safe

Most kids who get a Hib vaccine do not have any difficulties with it. Nevertheless, aspect effects can come about. Most are mild, that means they do not affect every day pursuits, and get much better on their possess in a couple days. Moderate aspect effects can involve fever or redness, warmth, or inflammation the place the medical professional gave the shot. See the Hib vaccine data statement to understand more.

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