Edward R. Laskowski, M.D: The biceps curl is an work out you can do with dumbbells to establish energy in your higher arm. Particularly, the biceps curl functions the muscle groups in the entrance of the higher arm.

Nicole L. Campbell: To do a biceps curl with a dumbbell, maintain a dumbbell with your palm facing upward. Slowly but surely curl the fat up by bending your elbow, preserving your elbow shut to your body. Then little by little lower the fat to the starting off place. You can sense tension in the muscle groups in the entrance of your higher arm.

When you are executing biceps curls, really don’t swing your arm or elbow. Be very careful to keep your wrist straight and rigid. If you flex your wrist as you bend your elbow, you will never focus on the biceps muscle mass properly and you may well damage your elbow.

You can do biceps curls while you are standing or sitting down. You can also do the job each biceps by alternating arms all through the work out. This also supplies a core and security obstacle.

For most men and women, one established of 12 to fifteen repetitions is enough.

Recall, for finest success, keep your wrist straight and rigid all through the work out. It truly is also vital to keep your movements smooth and managed.