Video: Chest press with dumbbell

Edward R. Laskowski, M.D.: The chest push is an training you can do with dumbbells to operate the chest muscle mass. The chest push strengthens the muscle mass on the entrance of your chest, which can enable you improve your general performance in a wide variety of sports.

Nicole L. Campbell: To do the chest push with dumbbells, lie on your back with a dumbbell in every single hand. Keep your upper arms perpendicular to your body and your forearms perpendicular to the floor. Gradually push the weights upward right until your elbows are virtually straight. You can truly feel rigidity across your upper chest.

When you happen to be undertaking the chest push, be watchful not to lock your elbows or thrust with your feet. Keep your head in a neutral, peaceful placement. To shield your shoulders, don’t allow your elbows drop under the horizontal line of your body through the training. The chest push is ordinarily accomplished lying on a pounds bench, but you can also try out it lying on the floor.

For most individuals, just one established of twelve to 15 repetitions is adequate.

Keep in mind, you can damage your shoulders if you allow your elbows drop too very low through this training. Whilst you happen to be lying on your back, don’t allow your elbows drop under the horizontal line of your body. Keep your movements smooth and managed.