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What happens to donated blood

You sit down for an hour, donate a pint of blood. But then what?

“We’re likely to separate that into the different components of blood.”

Justin D. Kreuter, M.D., is the director of the Mayo Clinic Blood Donor Program. He says blood donations allow considerably-desired affected person treatment.

“Most possible, your blood would be used for a health care affected person who’s struggling a ailment or it could be used for a affected person that is acquiring operation.”

Dr. Kreuter says donated blood is divided into pink blood cells, platelets and plasma, and each has distinct storage wants.

“We can continue to keep the pink blood cells for 42 times. For platelets, we can continue to keep them for five times. For plasma, we can continue to keep it for a whole calendar year.”

And for these motives acquiring a supportive blood donor local community is vital for affected person treatment.

“Each and every time that you donate, that is likely to be relieving struggling or enabling some health care-surgical get rid of to transpire, and I believe that is the matter we have to remember.”

For the Mayo Clinic Information Network, I am Ian Roth.