What Happens When You Sleep Too Much?

Ample sleep is important for keeping fantastic wellness, but is there a hazard in having also much sleep? Even though we may well be tempted to sleep very long hrs on the weekend, gurus propose oversleeping may well be a sign of a lot more serious wellness ailments, these as thyroid ailments and coronary heart condition. Furthermore, the need to oversleep is now connected to mental wellness problems, these as panic and depression.

Through this article, we examine how much sleep is also much. We also get a nearer look at the triggers and results of oversleeping.

How Significantly Snooze Is Way too Significantly?

Your age usually establishes the quantity of sleep you have to have for every evening. Nonetheless, your total wellness, way of life routines, and sure ailments may well also have an affect on your sleep requires. For case in point, if you have been specifically energetic or are likely by way of an health issues or tense daily life problem, you may well call for a lot more rest than regular.

These alterations aside, most grown ups really should get amongst seven to eight hrs of sleep for every evening. Underneath, we define the United States Centre for Disorder Handle and Prevention’s (CDC) sleep recommendations primarily based on age.

  • Newborn ( to 3 months): 14 to seventeen hrs (which includes naps)
  • Infant (four to twelve months): twelve to sixteen hrs (which includes naps)
  • Toddler (one to 2 several years): eleven to 14 hrs (which includes naps)
  • Preschool (3 to 5 several years): ten to thirteen hrs (which includes naps)
  • School age (six to twelve several years): 9 to twelve hrs
  • Teens (thirteen to 18 several years): eight to ten hrs
  • Grown ups (18 to 65 several years): seven to eight hrs

Leads to of Oversleeping

As we mentioned earlier mentioned, numerous elements may well induce excessive tiredness. The next sleep ailments and clinical ailments can induce oversleeping.

  • Idiopathic hypersomnia: Also known as extreme daytime sleepiness (EDS), hypersomnia triggers the severe have to have to sleep in the course of the working day. The need to sleep is not glad by daytime napping and normally final results in longer sleep intervals at evening. Hypersomnia is normally accompanied by reduced strength ranges, problems concentrating, inadequate memory retention, and panic signs and symptoms. Those with hypersomnia normally have to have ten to twelve hrs of sleep.
  • Obstructive sleep apnea: This sleep problem triggers breathing to get started and quit in the course of sleep. As a result, those people with sleep apnea normally working experience nighttime disruptions that have an affect on their standard sleep cycle, triggering them to increase their sleep time.
  • Melancholy: Persistent tiredness is one of the most typical signs and symptoms of important depressive problem (MDD). Furthermore, antidepressant prescription drugs can also induce severe sleepiness.
  • Specific prescription drugs: Some prescription drugs may well induce drowsiness that increases our have to have for a lot more sleep at evening. Specific prescriptions can also make it complicated to relax and tumble asleep at night—disrupting the pure circadian rhythm and triggering the need to oversleep.
  • Narcolepsy: The inconsistency of REM sleep and extreme sleepiness normally triggers those people with narcolepsy to oversleep.
  • Coronary heart condition: Constant tiredness may well be a sign of coronary heart condition. The heart’s incapability to pump effectively can direct to inadequate circulation, reduced strength ranges, and serious tiredness.
  • Thyroid problems: Thyroid ailments can have a damaging effect on strength ranges, sleep designs, and mood. Hypothyroidism triggers sluggishness, depression, and tiredness, when hyperthyroidism triggers restlessness, irritability, trouble slipping asleep, and panic.

Results of Oversleeping

Underneath, we define the wellness results linked with oversleeping.

  • Obesity: Analysis suggests those people who often sleep 9 to ten hrs a evening are a lot more likely to working experience excessive bodyweight obtain and obesity.
  • Diabetic issues: Although investigation is inconclusive, some experiments clearly show a average association with diabetic issues and elevated sleep instances amongst center-aged and more mature women. A single Countrywide Library of Drugs analyze adopted 276 people over six several years and identified that those people with equally quick and very long sleep durations were being a lot more likely to working experience a glucose intolerance, which leads to diabetic issues.
  • Back Soreness: Extended sleepers are a lot more likely to working experience discomfort and joint swelling, exclusively in the lumbar area. This is normally due to muscle tiredness which happens when resting on your back for an prolonged time. Oversleeping on an unsupportive mattress or in an awkward posture can also direct to serious back discomfort.
  • Head aches: Sleeping longer than typical normally triggers a hormonal imbalance which can direct to problems.
  • Stress and depression: A consistent sleep program can help keep hormone ranges. When we continue to be in mattress longer than needed, our cortisol, adrenalin, and serotonin ranges can turn into imbalanced, generating it complicated for us to regulate strain and panic. About time, this imbalance may well direct to depression.
  • Coronary heart condition: Scientific studies propose equally guys and women who working experience insufficient or extreme amounts of sleep have an elevated chance of cardiovascular condition and a higher mortality price due to coronary heart issues. 
  • Stroke: A six-12 months analyze involving 31,750 grown ups with an typical age of sixty three identified that those people who slept a lot more than eight hrs a evening were being 23 % a lot more likely to have a stroke than those people who slept amongst seven and eight hrs a evening.
  • Poor immune function: A longer sleep duration can affect the output of cytokines, the group of proteins, peptides, or glycoproteins that aid the immune process. As a consequence, longer than standard sleep instances can consequence in inadequate immune function.

Strategies to Steer clear of Oversleeping

The next tips can assistance you get a fantastic night’s sleep and keep away from the unsafe issues of oversleeping.

  • Keep a consistent sleep program: Sustaining a established bedtime and wake-up time ensures you get amongst seven and eight hrs of sleep. Furthermore, a consistent sleep program can reduce a hormonal imbalance which may well direct to oversleeping. About time, your physique gets to be conditioned to hope rest in the course of these instances, generating it much easier for you to tumble asleep and wake up each individual morning.
  • Steer clear of caffeinated beverages after 2 p.m: Beverages with caffeine, these as soda and espresso, can encourage the nervous process and make it complicated for you to get peaceful shuteye. Moreover, espresso can make you truly feel sleepy rather than inform, top to daytime drowsiness. Caffeine is recognised to decrease the quantity of deep sleep you working experience, generating it a lot more likely you will oversleep.
  • Produce the best sleep place: It is important to make your bed room as at ease, quiet, and darkish as achievable to promote deep, restful sleep. Set up blackout curtains to block mild, use ear plugs if outside noises preserve you awake, and preserve electronics out of the bed room. These alterations can assistance you obtain improved excellent rest and make sure you do not oversleep.
  • Steer clear of blue mild publicity: Melatonin, the sleep hormone, is brought on by darkness. Throughout the working day, when we are uncovered to daylight, melatonin output is reduced to preserve us inform. Nonetheless, as the sunshine sets, and we are uncovered to considerably less mild, melatonin increases, and we turn into tired. The blue mild from electronic products can mimic the results of daylight and reduce melatonin output, generating it more difficult for us to tumble asleep. 
  • Hold a sleep diary: A sleep diary can assistance you preserve keep track of of your sleep routines and how they have an affect on your mood, behavior, and total wellness.

Frequently Requested Questions

Why do I truly feel sleepy even after sleeping for eight hrs?

If you truly feel sleepy even after a total eight hrs of sleep, you may well not have seasoned ample time in deep sleep or REM sleep. These sleep levels are recognised to be the most restorative levels simply because they are accountable for numerous vital capabilities, these as fixing muscle tissue, cleansing the brain, and consolidating memory. Without having adequate time in these levels of sleep, you may well truly feel groggy even after a total evening of rest.

Is it harmful to sleep in the course of the working day and be awake at evening?

Sleeping in the course of the working day and being awake at evening can disrupt your pure sleep-wake cycle and induce a hormone imbalance. When the output of melatonin, cortisol, and other hormones gets to be irregular, standard bodily capabilities, these as appetite, immune function, and digestion, are also disrupted. Moreover, an erratic sleep-wake program can also make it complicated for us to keep on being inform in the course of the working day and sleep normally at evening.

Do I have hypersomnia?

If you working experience intervals of severe daytime sleepiness or prolonged nighttime sleeping, you may well have hypersomnia. Those with hypersomnia also working experience panic, reduced strength, decline of appetite, and inadequate memory. Hypersomnia is normally a side impact of an additional sleep problem, these as narcolepsy or sleep apnea.

Do you burn energy when sleeping?

As the physique carries out important capabilities in the course of sleep, we normally burn energy. The quantity of energy you burn when sleeping depends on your physique bodyweight and fat burning capacity. Usually, a man or woman who weighs a hundred twenty five lbs . burns 38 energy for every hour when sleeping. Someone who weighs 185 lbs . burns all around 56 energy for every hour.

What is somniphobia?

Somniphobia, also recognised as sleep panic or sleep dread, is the powerful concern of sleep or bedtime. This issue normally final results in insomnia and panic simply because people are anxious about sleep through the working day. Those with somniphobia usually have sleep paralysis and evening terrors.


There is a good line amongst ample sleep and also much sleep. Nonetheless, if you hear to your physique, keep a consistent sleep program, and exercise fantastic sleep cleanliness, you can enjoy the gains of a total eight hrs and decrease the chance of oversleeping. If you consider your tendency to oversleep is related to a a lot more intense wellness dilemma, be guaranteed to examine these signs and symptoms with your medical doctor. They may well be in a position to assistance you generate a detailed system for improved excellent sleep.

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