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Which Superfruit Is Superior in Nutritional Benefits?

When it arrives to food items and nutrition, I’m always fascinated to learn specifically how what we try to eat added benefits us.

But weighing nutritional details gets a bit a lot more tough when searching at two very equivalent foods, like acaî and pitaya. Both of those are fruits that have purported overall health added benefits, but is a single outstanding to the other?

I place them to the take a look at to fully grasp the variances in how they taste, how they have an effect on our general overall health and the particular person added benefits that each individual bring to the table.

Acaî, a berry which hails from the Amazon, has been recognized in the overall health neighborhood for quite a few a long time, and rose to mainstream stardom when companies like Sambazon came on to the scene virtually two many years in the past.

When acaî has turn into a staple at juice stores and overall health food items grocers, its lesser known cousin, pitaya, is rising in that pretty exact way. Pitaya, or dragon fruit, is mostly developed in South The united states, and is recognized for its vibrant pink look in smoothies.

On their individual, both of those are reportedly large in anti-oxidants, which can enable your overall body fight cost-free radicals and irritation. As a consequence, they have also been touted as “superfoods.”

As it goes, most companies that make smoothie packs with these fruits also incorporate other substances into the mix, this kind of as sugar, which change the nutritional worth and taste. This has led to a new line of questioning when it arrives to consuming juice and smoothies as balanced alternatives.

Aside from that, acaî and pitaya have a similar—but not identical—flavor breakdown, but vary in quite a few other strategies.

Take a look at the success of this new taste take a look at and nutritional assessment with two main companies.


pitaya vs acai
Sambazon Acaî. Image: James Rodney

For this comparison, we utilized Sambazon Acaî smoothie packs.

This company was the most readily offered at local grocers. A single smoothie packet is made up of a hundred energy and 13 grams of sugar per serving. The acaî, nevertheless, phone calls for two packets when blended for a smoothie or bowl, doubling the amount of energy and sugar.

Acaî had a negligible amount of fiber, a lot less than 1 gram, and about 4 grams of unwanted fat. The smoothie packs include other substances aside from acaî berry, this kind of as organic cane sugar, organic soy lechitin and organic guarana extract—a seed observed in the Amazon and utilized for power.

The blend also is made up of fifteen mg of sodium per serving, and has 35 mg of Omega three, 435 mg of Omega six and 2,a hundred thirty mg of Omega 9. Omega-3s fats are known for lessening irritation, which is at the root of quite a few long-term ailments.

pitaya vs acai
Blend with some banana and apple juice, and you’ve received a delicious take care of. Image: James Rodney

For the taste take a look at, the acaî was sampled on its individual, and it seriously does not need everything included to it—perhaps because of the included sugar and flavors from others substances like guarana extract, which is observed in most acaî smoothie packs.

When blended with about 50 % a banana and 1/4 cup apple juice, the regularity was a bit runnier than most popular, but the taste was nevertheless superior. In my viewpoint, these acaî smoothie packs have a bit of a richer, nuttier taste, with hints of cocoa, that perform perfectly to offset the sweetness that you get from the fruit and fruit juices included to the mix.


pitaya vs acai
PitayaPlus Dragon Fruit Cubes. Image: James Rodney

What was mentioned correct away about PitayaPlus is that it only is made up of a single component: dragon fruit (pitaya) with seeds.

For this taste take a look at, I picked up PitayaPlus’ fruit cubes because the smoothie packs weren’t offered, and in fact, observed the fruit cubes to be a bit less complicated to perform with—you can skip the stage of reducing into the plastic smoothie packs, as well as it saves on extreme packaging. Also really worth noting: Pitaya was a bit more durable to uncover at my local grocery retailers in comparison to acaî, but is effortless to uncover for invest in on-line.

Not remarkably, the pitaya fruit cubes on their individual are a bit bland when in comparison with the acaî smoothie packs, because it is effectively just the plain fruit. It also has around a hundred energy and 13 grams of sugar per serving.

pitaya vs. acaî
PitayaPlus fruit cubes. Image: Courtesy of PitayaPlus

Wherever pitaya appears to break away from acaî is in Vitamin C, boasting seven% per serving (in comparison to % in acaî). Vitamin C plays a purpose in every thing from boosting the immune procedure to trying to keep pores and skin searching balanced.

Pitaya has 5 grams of fiber in comparison to 2 grams in the acaî smoothie packs, 2 grams of protein, and is large in other nutrition this kind of as iron (seven per cent) and magnesium (seventeen per cent). And while not listed on PitayaPlus’ nutritional details, the fruit’s seeds are also reportedly large in Omega-three and Omega-9.

Experiments have also examined how pitaya assists to control blood sugar and control glucose degrees, which has likely overall health implications for those at threat for or who have diabetic issues.

pitaya vs acai
Loving the vibrant pink colour from the pulp and the texture the Pitaya seeds provide in this bowl. Image: James Rodney

All right, now for the taste take a look at. Pitaya is typically in comparison carefully to kiwi in texture, and that proved out when I blended it up with 50 % a banana and apple juice, specifically as I did with the acaî. Instantly, I noticed a thicker regularity with pitaya. The taste was just as sweet as (if not sweeter than) the acaî.

Although it did absence some of the complexities of the acaî, the pitaya’s taste was a solid competitor.

With all variables deemed, I would lean toward pitaya in excess of acaî purely centered on the reality that the pitaya contained no included sugar and did not compromise on taste when prepared in a smoothie or bowl. And in this circumstance, the supplemental natural vitamins and nutritional added benefits in the pitaya gave it the edge in excess of my desire for acaî’s richer, nuttier taste.

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